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Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir hosts orientation program for new students

Delhi: Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir organized orientation program for the Pre-school, pre-primary students and their parents. The event aimed to acquaint parents, regarded as partners in their children’s educational journey, with the school’s curriculum, policies, and teaching methods.

orientation day

The event featured a delightful array of performances, ranging from captivating dances to soul-stirring music, all aimed at highlighting the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering holistic growth. Interactive sessions with class teachers provided parents with a platform to address their queries and gain further clarity on their children’s educational journey.

During the event, Anusha Tyagi, child psychologist, provided valuable insights into early childhood transitions and essential parenting techniques. She emphasized the need for a balanced approach to parenting, stressing the significance of quality time spent with children and its impact on their development.

While addressing, Pratibha Sharma, Academic Director of Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir, said, “Our primary goal is to foster a strong partnership between parents and educators. We believe that effective communication is key to ensuring the success and holistic development of our students. I encourage parents to actively engage in their children’s education journey and to reach out with any queries or concerns they may have.”

The event wrapped up with an interactive Q&A session organized for parents to seek guidance on academic aspects, followed by an energetic fusion dance performance by youngsters.

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