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Janhvi Kapoor takes a leap forward in spreading HPV awareness with her debut stand-up special ‘Leap, Laugh & Learn’

National, 01 March 2024: Every year, the world observes International HPV Awareness Day on 4th March. And Janhvi Kapoor, one of the most sought-after actresses in Hindi Cinema, has been at the forefront of spreading awareness about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in collaboration with Serum Institute of India’s thought-provoking initiative, ‘IPledgeToPrevent’. Ahead of International HPV Awareness Day 2024, Janhvi created a ‘Bawaal’ on social media by taking a leap forward in adopting one of the most unique approaches to draw attention to the disease. Leveraging that one extra day of this year – the Leap Day – Janhvi educates audiences about the causes and risks of HPV through laughter with her debut stand-up special, ‘Leap, Laugh & Learn’.

Leap laugh & learn

A series of tantalizing teasers lead to the launch of Janhvi Kapoor’s debut stand-up special, piquing fans’ curiosity about Leap, Laugh & Learn. The actress looks like a natural as she takes the stage to tickle audiences’ funny bones but for a noble cause. Infusing humor with raising awareness, “aspiring comedian” Janhvi leaves the guests in splits with her quick wit and prompts them to contemplate the lack of knowledge about HPV contraction and preventive measures.

During her stand-up special, Janhvi urges the audience to make informed decisions about HPV prevention. She sheds some light on the “Khatarnak Jodi” of HPV and Cancer. “Cervical, vaginal, anal, and oral cancers are some cancers that may develop in your body because of HPV,” shares Janhvi. The actress also busts a prevalent myth: “HPV only affects women.” How to prevent yourself from contracting HPV, you may ask? Well, the answer is as simple as consulting a doctor to begin with. Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of getting an HPV vaccination for individuals between the ages of 9 to 26. Drawing the curtain on the stand-up special, Janhvi inspires change and spurs audiences on to “pledge to prevent HPV.”

Expressing her thoughts on bringing about a change with Leap, Laugh & Learn, Janhvi Kapoor said, “As an actor, I believe it’s imperative to support initiatives like IPledgeToPrevent to bring about an actual change in society. HPV poses a major health concern that could lead to life-threatening consequences, including cervical cancer. Yet, there’s a lack of awareness about the risks associated with HPV. To challenge that notion, we came up with the idea of spreading HPV awareness through laughter with my debut stand-up special. With Leap, Laugh & Learn, we aim to encourage individuals to spend that one extra day of this leap year to focus on what’s important for their health – like HPV awareness. With my fans’ support, I pledge to prevent, it because knowledge is our best protection against HPV. I am also hopeful that they too will leap towards HPV awareness with me.”

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