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DFS CIRCLE Celebrates First Anniversary: Journey to ‘Collect the World’ with Exclusive Gifts designed by the trending illustrator, matsui, and Destination-unique Collectibles!

  • DFS CIRCLE celebrates their first anniversary through offering In-app missions with exclusive rewards and gifts to DFS CIRCLE members.
  • From now (Apr 27 in Hong Kong) until May 31, 2024, customers can embark on the challenge of collecting 17 sets of exclusive destination luggage sticker sets spotlighting the cultural icons of 17 global destinations, and three special limited-edition matsui design sets, and items by matsui, a trending and popular artist on Instagram who is well-known for his heartwarming depictions of dogs and their bonds with humans.
  • As part of their ongoing efforts in creating a ‘Destination Within Every Destination’, DFS transforms its stores into gateways to the world of matsui, to create unique travel experiences that channel matsui’s joyful spirit through installations to shoppers.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 15 April 2024 – Get ready for an epic celebration! DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, is celebrating their global loyalty program, DFS CIRCLE’s first anniversary in style by curating a journey to “Collect the World” through in-app missions with exclusive rewards and gifts. From now (Apr 27 in Hong Kong) until May 31, 2024, customers dive into the challenge of collecting a series of snagging exclusive destination luggage sticker sets and coveted matsui collectibles. It’s time to CIRCLE BACK ON A WORLD OF REWARDS!

DFS CIRCLE x matsui Travel Luggage Stickers


Prepare to be swept away on an exhilarating journey as DFS embarks on a mission to elevate customers’ shopping experience to new heights! With an unwavering commitment to delivering unforgettable moments, DFS is set to transform its stores into portals to the enchanting world of the trending illustrator, matsui. Renowned for his heartwarming portrayals of dogs and their unbreakable bonds with humans, matsui’s art is a beacon of joy. From his sensational solo exhibition, SANPO O SANPO, at Tokyo Pixel in 2022, to collaborations with TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS, Casetify and bluespot, matsui’s stardom has only continued to soar higher. His spectacular creation—a colossal, inflatable Christmas dog adorning the vibrant Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung also tells a tale of love and bonds.

With his vibrant strokes and a palette bursting with joy, matsui breathes life into his charming, yet captivating illustrations, transcending across a multitude of platforms. From whimsical decorations to exclusively designed gifts, DFS endeavours to imbue the shopping odyssey of its patrons with matsui’s infectious creativity. Mark Sage, Vice President, Loyalty Strategy & Member Engagement of DFS remarked that, ” As we celebrate DFS CIRCLE’s inaugural anniversary with an impressive 18% surge in new members, it stands as a testament to DFS’ unwavering dominance in crafting immersive omnichannel retail adventures. Through DFS CIRCLE, we’ve redefined how customers explore, indulge, and connect with luxury brands, seamlessly knitting together the physical and digital realms. Whether it is through traversing new collections in-store, redeeming rewards at airport lounges, or embarking on exclusive in-app missions, DFS CIRCLE has epitomized an omnichannel journey fusing retail, entertainment, and discovery. As we gaze into the future, we’re poised to shatter boundaries, revolutionizing travel retail with ingenious omnichannel solutions tailored to every need of the luxury customer.”

DFS CIRCLE x matsui Towel


As the spearhead of innovation in the luxury travel retail realm, DFS CIRCLE is not just a loyalty program; it is a passport to unparalleled experiences beyond shopping, centred around you.

With four illustrious tiers – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – and an exclusive Ambassador tier by invitation only, DFS CIRCLE puts a world of indulgence in its customers’ palms. Offering an array of exclusive privileges, rewards, and benefits in over 17 destinations worldwide, from airport lounge passes to concierges, DFS CIRCLEs you back the world of rewards.


From now until May 31, 2024, as DFS unveils a thrilling series of in-app missions, with just a tap on the DFS CIRCLE app or a visit to our stores, customers can amass up to 3,500 DFS CIRCLE points by making three visits to any store, and shop in two categories each time.

DFS CIRCLE x matsui Luggage Tag

Unlock a world of rewards with DFS CIRCLE! From now (Apr 27 in Hong Kong) until May 31, 2024, eligible in-store purchases by DFS CIRCLE members guarantee exclusive treats: destination luggage sticker sets from 17 global destinations, and three special limited-edition matsui design sets, DFS X matsui travel towel and luggage tag. Complete in-app missions to earn bonus loyalty points and ascend to the next membership tier swiftly.


Joining DFS CIRCLE is a breeze—simply register via the app or visit any DFS store. Kickstart your adventure by collecting exclusive destination luggage sticker sets from our 17 global locations upon any purchase, commemorating your travel memories in style.

For insider tips on levelling up your membership and unlocking even more perks:

  • Across all DFS T Galleria stores (excluding Vietnam and Indonesia), score 500 bonus points with two transactions above a minimum spending amount (excluding alcohol and tobacco).
  • Dive into diverse categories—beauty, fashion, watches, and jewellery—to snag an extra 1,000 bonus points.
  • Spread your shopping across different stores with transactions at least 7 days apart to earn an impressive 2,000 bonus points.

Keep climbing the membership ladder and discover new rewards at every tier. CIRCLE back on the world of rewards with DFS CIRCLE membership!

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