Quote by Dr Rajendra Patnkar, CEO, Jupiter Hospital for International Nurse Day

Dr Rajendra Patankar_CEO_Jupiter Hospital

Dr Rajendra Patankar, CEO, Jupiter Hospital, Pune!

“On this occasion of “Nurses Day”, we the doctors, sincerely salute these omnipresent ‘Frontline Warriors’, our Nurses, who have emerged as real heroes in this ongoing war against COVID-19. Going beyond the call of duty with dedication, empathy, compassion, and purpose is what all those in this noble profession have performed across this planet. Nurses have been a backbone in this fight against Covid. In this ongoing pandemic situation, we would not have been able to perform our duties without their relentless support. Along with doctors, thousands of nurses got infected with the virus, however, their commitment towards the patients and caregiving has become stronger with each passing day. They continue to do incredible work as the most critical support system for doctors and patients. Let’s pray for their safety and wish them the best!!”

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