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Menstrual Health Awareness Month – Bellabeat is Harnessing The Power of Cycle Mapping For an Improved Female Experience

May is Menstrual Health Awareness Month- don’t let it pass without running a story that will help break down the stigma surrounding menstruation, promote education and raise awareness about menstrual health. One powerful tool for achieving this is the Bellabeat Period Diary app. By far the most in-depth menstrual cycle tracking app on the market through Cycle Mapping. 
Most one-size-fits-all apps and wearables are based on a 24-hour hormone cycle, which is only relevant for men. Women’s menstrual cycles last about 28 days and consist of four distinct phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. Bellabeat dove deep to pinpoint where each of these phases holds a unique key to improved wellness and more manageable cycle phases for women with guided information on what to eat, how much rest is needed for a high readiness score, when to exercise, and which exercises to do for relief, as well as when to focus heavily on wellness. This is not your standard period tracking app that’s going to tell you that your cramps are terrible on this day every month. It teaches you and maps your menstrual cycle for a better overall female experience.
The Bellabeat Period Diary app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. There are also premium features within the app that require a subscription. The premium version offers a 7-day free trial and a monthly or yearly subscription. With a range of features, the Bellabeat Period Diary app is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their menstrual health and break down barriers to reproductive health education.
A few features of the Bellabeat Period Diary app include but are not limited to:
  1. Menstrual Cycle Tracking with Built-in Cycle Mapping
  2. Ovulation Tracking
  3. Ovulation and Period Patterns
  4. Period Forecasting
  5. Fertility Tracking
  6. Pregnancy Tracking That Also Keeps Track of Your Baby’s Development
  7. Wellness Coaching
  8. Daily Readiness Score
  9. Wellness Score
  10. Pregnancy and Fertility Tracking
  11. Ovulation tracking
This Menstrual Health Awareness Month, consider joining the movement towards a more informed and supportive approach to menstrual health by downloading the Bellabeat Period Diary app.

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