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MD Revolution Teams Up with Dexcom to Integrate Glucose Monitoring into Remote Care Platform

San Diego, CA – April 12, 2024: MD Revolution, the leader in remote care management solutions for health systems and multi-specialty clinics, has partnered with Dexcom to integrate their industry-leading continuous glucose monitoring systems with MD Revolution’s remote care management platform.

Over 537 million people globally are living with diabetes. Dexcom supports this population as a global leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring. Dexcom’s wearable devices pair with a user’s smartphone to monitor glucose levels. Now, a patient’s glucose monitoring data can be made available to clinicians through MD Revolution’s care management platform, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions and provide better support for patients.

“This integration further strengthens our scalable care management platform and ecosystem of integrated EHRs, data partners and devices that power our remote care programs,” said Kyle Williams, CEO, MD Revolution. “Our partnership with Dexcom is good news for providers looking for remote care management for CGM patients who want streamlined services, billing and management under one cohesive remote care strategy.”

“With Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring systems, patients have the awareness they need to manage glucose levels more closely than ever before. By combining RPM and CGM, patients now have access to clinical health coaches and real-time remote care to proactively manage diabetes and other chronic conditions at the same time,” said Dr. Samir Damani, M.D., Co-Founder of MD Revolution.

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