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Honouring the Healing Hands Bhatia Hospital celebrates National Doctors’ Day

Bhatia Hospital

To acknowledge the everlasting spirit of doctors, Bhatia Hospital organised a felicitation ceremony on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day on July 1 in the hospital premises.

The celebration began with an elaborate lamp lighting ceremony followed by heart-warming testimonials from the patients who got a second chance at life due to the doctors who left no stone unturned to save them and bring them back to good health.

Kantilal Patel and Bertilla Martins, patients at Bhatia Hospital who suffered from a life-threatening ailment, poured his heart out, he said, “No matter what I say and how much I thank the doctors here, I will always be indebted to them. My family, including me, lost all hope, we thought even if I would survive there is no chance that I will ever be able to lead life like a normal person. But the doctors here, even the other healthcare workers didn’t give up on me, not even for a single second. Their belief and optimism gave me the strength to recover and hope again.”

The doctors, Dr Rahul Shah, Dr Manish Mavani and Dr Abhishek Subhash, were also applauded and acclaimed for their service during Covid-19 outbreak. In their PPE kits, they worked non-stop to treat Covid patients and help them win their lives back.

Dr Rajeev Boudhaankar, the CEO of Bhatia Hospital said no amount of appreciation would suffice the efforts and determination that these doctors, or rather Covid warriors, showed at the time of need. “We feel proud and content that we were able to perform our duties so well. Every time a patient is discharged from here, the relief on the faces of their kinfolk gives us the motivation to carry on and work hard. I think we are fortunate to have gotten this opportunity of saving peoples’ lives and I can’t thank our doctors enough who toil so hard and never get tired.”

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