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How to analyze online casino website traffic

How to analyze online casino website traffic

In the iGaming industry, one of the biggest key metrics for online casino owners is website traffic. But how do you analyze, manage, and improve it? The experts from Slotegrator share their practical tips and 3-step checklist for analyzing website traffic.

In the world of iGaming, website traffic correlates neatly with revenues. The more visitors you have, the more you can convert into depositing players. But drawing the amount of traffic that online casinos need isn’t easy. 

Website traffic is a tally of how many people visited the site in a certain period of time: a day, week, month or year. This is a vital indicator of the popularity of your site — and those of your competitors. Traffic analysis allows a company to chart growth and identify which metrics need improvement, which can help optimize promotion strategies. 

Let’s break down how to analyze website traffic.

Step 1. Study site statistics, audience, and sources of traffic.

You can learn a lot about your audience by breaking down who visits your site and when. There are a few metrics you can analyze to learn more about your visitors: channels that drive the most traffic, users’ geographic location, age and gender, using devices, most popular times to visit, and most popular pages.

Your site’s history factors into its performance on search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain age influences the search engine’s level of trust; the older the site, the more trust it enjoys from the search engine.

Step 2. Analyze the competitive environment.

Once you’ve analyzed your own traffic, it’s time to examine what your competitors are doing. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’re probably already familiar with key competitors and their websites. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on your guard and ready for new competitors. Regular analysis of competitors’ sites will help improve your current promotional strategy.

Step 3. Analyze your competitor’s sites. 

Once you’ve narrowed your focus down to just a few competitors, it’s time to learn everything there is to know about their sites.

When analyzing your competitors’ sites, there are a number of basic characteristics to pay attention to that have a significant impact on the sites’ traffic and results:

  • Website type.
  • Domain area.
  • Age of the website.
  • Growth trend.
  • Loading speed.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Mobile version.
  • SEO links. 

Svetlana Kirichenko, Head of Marketing at Slotegrator, comments: “As the digital landscape of online casinos continues to evolve, conducting thorough analysis of website traffic is not just a strategy, but a necessity. By delving into the intricacies of user behavior, we uncover invaluable insights that empower operators to optimize their platforms for enhanced player engagement and satisfaction.” 

If you’d like to know more about why competitor analysis is important for SEO, which tools and services can help in the analysis of online casino sites, and what other metrics you should look at when you are analyzing the online casino website audience, read the article at Slotegrator Academy by clicking here.

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