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Dolly Singh teams up with AJIO for Cannes Film Festival; facilitated by OML Entertainment

Dolly Singh -

India-wide release, 13th May 2023: One of the most popular and relatable content creators, Dolly Singh, will be walking the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival this year, with India’s leading online fashion destination and house of brands AJIO, as her fashion partner. A significant move for the multifaceted creator and the brand at a global scale, it is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the two that was facilitated by OML Entertainment.

OML Entertainment is Dolly’s talent management agency, while OML’s Global Creators Network (GCN) vertical is AJIO’s social media and content agency, demonstrating OML’s unique position to align interests between Dolly and AJIO.

Dolly Singh -

Dolly has immaculate acting and content-creation skills to her credit. OML aimed to ensure an international presence for her at Cannes, which will allow her an opportunity and a level field to network with like-minded individuals in the film community from across the globe. And given her aspirations to pursue acting further, Dolly would be the right representation at the film festival.

The past few years have seen a paradigm shift with Indian creators taking center stage at global events such as the Cannes Film Festival. Dolly, who started creating content with her blog focusing on affordable fashion, has struck a chord with millions of Indians because of her relatability and the element of humor that she brings. The collaboration between Dolly Singh and AJIO brings together two of the biggest names in India’s fashion scene and is a match meant to be. Singh is known for her eclectic and unapologetic style and AJIO is the go-to house of brands for those on the lookout for unique and bold styling choices. With this collaboration, AJIO aims to take the Indian fashion ecosystem to the global stage.

OML has always pushed the envelope when it comes to bridging the gap between creators and brands and building impactful synergetic connections between them. In the process, the company has always endeavored to empower the country’s creative talent alongside enabling brands to connect with their audiences in unprecedented ways. And Dolly’s presence at an international event such as Cannes with AJIO as her fashion partner is a testament to OML’s content expertise in weaving never-seen-before interesting collaborations of such unique nature between creators and brands.

Talking about the collaboration, Ruchi Patel, AVP, of OML Entertainment mentioned, “Dolly Singh has proved herself as a multifaceted creator who has built herself up from the ground. Her journey is an inspiration to young Indians everywhere. At OML, we have always been excited to push the envelope and work towards bringing our creators to the global stage.”

Dolly Singh – Influencer and Actor states, “The Cannes Film Festival has been an important platform for Indian artists to showcase their talent on the international stage. Over the years Indian talent has not only brought Indian cinema to the world stage but has also helped to break down cultural barriers and promote cross-cultural exchange. Today I am honored to be contributing in my own unique way to this exchange and making my debut this year at the festival. From making candles in the small town of Nainital to walking the red carpet at Cannes with AJIO and Brut India, I’m truly grateful and excited for this opportunity. This was a long-standing dream and I’ve finally ticked an important milestone off my bucket list.”

Her journey to Cannes is nothing short of inspirational. Alongside content creation, she has forayed into the acting space with shows like Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, Feels Like Home, Nat Geo’s It Happens Only in India, and movies such as Double XL and more slated to be released soon. Furthermore, as an expert in styling and creative direction, Dolly for Cannes possesses a wide range of skills that align with the values of AJIO, making her a credible choice for the brand and for an association that is seamless.

OML, an artist-first company at its core, has dynamically evolved into one of the prime architects of the creator ecosystem. For over 20 years, OML has been creating opportunities for its talent pool and engineering groundbreaking ways for brands and artists to work together. And the remarkable collaboration between Dolly and AJIO by OML is a step in this direction.

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