Comedy Central’s show Atypical sums up Sam and Zahid’s friendship for us

Comedy Central’s

23rd March 2023: Atypical on Comedy Central has an element of satire at its very heart. The show thoughtfully takes us through the journey of an autistic teenager, followed by raising awareness about autism. An 18-year-old Sam Gardner decides to give romance and love a shot and sets out to find the perfect girl for himself. With excellent writing, Atypical then takes us around Sam’s life, including his family and friends. It’s time to don the comfy blanket to watch all 4 seasons of Atypical on Comedy Central, every Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

Let’s have a look at the best moments of Sam and Zahid from Atypical that define true friendship!

Zahid and Sam’s brewing bromance!

In the initial days, Zahid and Sam are mere co-workers but with time, they tend to gradually develop a great connection. Soon this friendship blossoms and Zahid decides to help Sam in finding true love and get him through the struggles of a dating life. From making Sam learn how to steal a girl to making him work toward his budding relationship with Paige, Zahid helps Sam in every way possible.

The shopping cart of clashes!

To witness the fun and crackling moments between Sam and Zahid you will have to watch Atypical. But this incident when Sam invites Zahid for a shopping trip is adorable. While Sam wanted to wear a shirt covered with whales. Zahid was all up for a leather jacket. The clash to find a perfect outfit leads to a fun-filled adventure for fans.

In one of the episodes, Sam decides to go shopping and invites Zahid to come along. However, what was supposed to be a quick little shopping trip, turns into a full-fledged verbal sparring session between the two! Sam finds a shirt covered with whales which he instantly falls in love with, and Zahid is adamant about getting a leather jacket that has taken his fancy. Sam and Zahid, being the lovable yet stubborn people they are, do not budge from the other one’s demand of buying their preferred piece of apparel. How this squabble comes to an end, is something you will have to find out by watching Atypical, only on Comedy Central!

The Bond Between Best Friends

Throughout the show, it’s clear Zahid is indeed Sam’s best friend and one great proof of the same is that he is always ready to help Sam, regardless of what is going on in his life. In one of the episodes when Paige loses her necklace, it is Zahid who helps Sam figure out the whereabouts of the missing necklace, keeping his personal issues aside to help his dear friend.

Camaraderie At Its Best!

There are instances in the show where Zahid helped out Sam in many odd situations but this one incident cemented the bond they share. One day, Sam lands at the police station and is questioned by them. Zahid stood by him. The police officers were not aware of Sam’s condition and it was Zahid who saved and rescued him from this situation. This is when Sam truly recognised the loyal friend he has with him.

Zahid shares a secret!

It is for the first time in the entire season that Zahid lets Sam know about his deepest secret, which no one knows of. This happened on the same day when Sam was arrested and after that Zahid shared his secret. Watch the entire show to know more about it.

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