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Amazon miniTV capitalises the strengths of Telegram & Torrent

Amazon miniTV

Amazon miniTV

We Indians love all things free and since the majority of subscriptions are paid nowadays, it is not affordable for many people to splurge on the subscription costs or go watch a movie in the theatre every week. How do these people still manage to watch the movie? What do they do? People tend to download free versions of the content they want to watch from different platforms, mainly Telegram and Torrents.

Amazon miniTV identified this as an opportunity to leverage this insight with an aim to make people aware of the ‘free’ entertainment platform and to create buzz by bringing back the iconic Suniel Shetty with ‘Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega’: New series on Amazon miniTV.


In a very unusual way, the brand leveraged the two platforms by playing with keywords of the new movies. Once people visited the links to download different new & latest shows and movies on Torrent or asked for the same on various Telegram channels, on downloading they were surprised with a video message from the 90’s action hero Suniel Shetty as ACP Vikram. Wherein, he tells the audience that he broke the link (“Tootega nahi Todega”: His famous dialogue from the new series) and urges them to watch as good content on Amazon miniTV for free.

And that’s how you intrigue the audience for the show’s character!

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