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Utsav Educational & Cultural Society presented a dance performance of Young and Talented dancer Vinod Kevin Bachan in “Sutra – The Tales That Never Ends”

  Utsav Educational

Utsav Educational & Cultural Society – an NGO founded by Ranjana Gauhar- Padmashree and SNA Awardee – organised a dance performance of talented Odissi dancer Vinod Kevin Bachan, who hails from Trinidad and Tobago. His performance in “Sutra – The Tales That Never Ends” was held on December 21st, 2022, at 7pm in The Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi.

Bachan, a senior disciple of the illustrious Ranjana Gauhar, stands tall among Odissi exponents. He is a former scholarship holder from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and an impanelled artist of ICCR and the All India Dancers Association. With his vibrancy, confidence, and graceful dance, Bachan will set the stage alive with his performance on the choreography ‘SUTRA’ under the guidance of Ranjana Gauhar.

Ranjana Gauhar said, “For Kevin Dance is beyond the physical….it is a spiritual connection with the divine.”

Vinod Kevin Bachan said, “Sutra- as a presentation was given birth by my Guruji, her support, love and care throughout this journey of creating this event is unfathomable.”

In all, he has performed two choreographies:

1. Rasa Rang – An anodiya-based piece that showcased the love ballet of Krishna with Radha and her sakhis through dance in the forest. In the forest, they were coloring each other with their love while dancing amongst flora and fauna in the forest.

2. Bhoomi Suta – These episodes were taken from Sita’s life in Ramayana. It focused on Sita’s inner voice, her thoughts, her feelings, and her emotions, and how she dealt with each and every situation that she faced.

Vinod Kevin Bachan stepped into the world of Odissi dance at Nrityanjali theatre in Trinidad and Tobago West Indies as a child. He initially made his journey to Odisha to study this timeless art form under the Deba Prasad Das style of Odissi in Bhubaneswar for two years. As of now, he continues to get training from his Guru Ranjana Gauhar. He has performed on various platforms in India and abroad and has received various awards and positive critiques for his performances. Bachan has also traveled to many countries such as Grenada, Barbados, the UK, Malaysia, and Brazil, and has received various awards including Natya Mayaurm, Tarana Yuva Puruskar, Kala Shriumoni Award, and Bharata Shastra Nritya Praveena and Nritya Shirmonai Samman. Recently, Bachan received the Ustad Bismillah Yuva Puruskar for the year 2021. He has also received a scholarship under the Ministry of External Affairs – Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Bachan has been the lead character in many of Ranjana Gauhar’s productions such as Matsya Avatar, Chitrangada – The Warrior Princess, Khud Mein Kabir – Kabir Mein Hum, Om Namah Shivaya, and Jhansi Ki Rani. He is also one of the lead dancers and one of the senior teachers in Utsav. Under his Guru’s guidance, he has also composed solo productions such as “Bhoomi-Suta” and “Rasa Rang” along with a few thematic solo presentations such as “Arghyam,” “Nayika Ke Manobhaav” and “Bhakti-The pathway to God.”

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