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Equipping Teachers free of cost ‘to make them ‘Ready for Online Teaching’

Ready for Online Teaching

Hyderabad, May 03 2021: Tutors Pride, an online resource that has been recognising teachers for “Ideal Teaching Practices and Methodologies” for the past several years is now embarked on upskilling private teachers who lost jobs to migrate from traditional classroom teaching to online. We will train them in the Hybrid model of teaching, informed Dr. Ankam of Tutor’s Pride. Besides upgrading their skills, it would like to set up a fund to help teachers a sum of Rs 1000/-

We used to spend Rs 40 to 50 lakh every year by holding ITAP-Ideal Teaching Awards Program. Instead of it this year we will help teachers bounce back into their last jobs with upgraded skills, says Dr. Ankam, Founder of Tutors Pride.

We are also in the process of announcing few quick and short terms courses free of cost which will make Teachers Ready for Online Teaching.

The sudden shift from traditional classrooms to virtual learning plunged many teachers into uncharted waters. Those who were unable to shape up to the new challenges thrown at them shipped out of their career. For many educators, the transition from teaching in a physical classroom to a fully virtual environment is a new experience and posed several challenges. Teachers were confronted with the need to adapt to online teaching

Those who could not handle Teaching in a virtual environment, those who were unable to familiarise themselves with technology are now fighting to survive. Doing some odd jobs such as selling vegetables, working as farm labourers, daily wage earners, sheep-rearing, and many jobs below their dignity. I have no qualms about accepting any opportunity. I am ready to accept whatever role comes my way. Otherwise, my family will be starved to death, said a teacher, Teachers of many private schools and colleges are living a hand-to-mouth existence.

“Teachers should be the best minds in the country”.Teachers are known to be building blocks for society. They raise the responsible citizens of society. Through these upskilling programs and financial help, we would like teachers to earn their lost glory, says Dr. Ankam.

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