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Books to watch out for in 2021


Lockdown has greatly brought back the passion for Reading. There has been a shift in the reading pattern of the bibliophiles and they now are inclined towards newly accepted genres like biography, business, cooking, health and fitness, pets, crafts, home decorating, languages, travel, etc.

Though there is a long list of books to be read this year and beyond, we bring to you the best books to read in 2021.


Arthamedha is a newly launched book written by Kapil Arya and is a one of its kind masterpiece in the self-help genre specifically from personal finance, business, economics, and investment perspective. Its tagline- Amir Log dhan ke kin siddhanto ka palan karte hain, jinhe garib or madhyam vargiya log nahi jante! Aptly describes the extraordinary literary work in a gist.

This piece of literature by Kapil has been written on the most common and important yet criticized subject of wealth and is the outcome of ten years of research on people who have the perfect ‘rags to riches’ stories and are the perfect epitome of the principles of wealth creation and management. The principles enlisted in the book are valuable for those who are unemployed or do not have a stable source of income. Kapil believes that following the roadmap mentioned in the book, wealth will be bestowed in abundance.


This is the book that has been penned down by none other than the super successful Indian bollywood star Priyanka Chopra. This book is a collection of stories, personal essays and observations. She has given a glimpse about the important moments and incidences of her life to the readers. She can easily leave behind the insecurities of her 20’s, that’s what she has told in recent interview of oprah winfrey. She has talked about her 20 year old long journey in the book.

Three thousand stitches

This book is a story where the author tells that how desperately she wanted to eliminate the devdasi system completely and has done utmost level of efforts to reach her aim. This book is a collection of real-life-inspired stories, that perfectly depicts both the beauty and repugnancy of human nature but also a reflection of a life lived with grace. Her stint as the only girl in an engineering college and the inspiring consequences of her father’s kindness are an integral part of her story. In short, this book is a roller-coaster ride about the story of a girl that talks about her struggles and victories.

White Feminism

White feminism, written by Koa Beck. It is a “practice” and “state of mind” in which gender equality is a matter of personalized autonomy, perpetual self-optimization, and supremacy. Beck says, “All you need is a better morning routine, woman’s pencil skirt, this conference, that newsletter.” It’s a topic that remains devastatingly relevant. Her book is a call to action that looks onward to how we can and we must course correct, dismantling feminism that wasn’t made for us and building a more inclusive movement.


The memoir, Written by Nadia Owusu who was abandoned as a toddler, her mother, an Armenian-American woman, a larger-than-life Ghanian diplomat who died when Nadia was just 13 years old. This angle of the story alone can make you deep dive into reading this story. Owusu describes her upbringing in this memoir, her dazzling journey of growing up everywhere and nowhere. It’s a remarkable story of the lasting legacies of trauma and grief, a perfect non-linear journey of healing.

Take a resolution to read more and more books this year to enhance the level of empathy in your new self. Happy reading!

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