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World Innovation Economics (WIE) Announces 5th Annual Event in Davos, Switzerland, Co-hosted by SFTA

Davos, Switzerland, December 2023 – World Innovation Economics (WIE) is proud to announce its 5th Annual Event, a transformative 3-day program taking place in Davos, Switzerland, from January 16th to 18th, 2024. Co-hosted by the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA), this summit aspires to bring together prominent Global Thought Leaders to shape the future of innovation. Leading this influential gathering are Spandana Ayachitam, Founder, and Sunil Kumar Mohareer, Co-founder.

The WIE 5th Annual Event will feature a diverse agenda, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions on Metaverse breakthroughs, Fintech transformations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) advancements, and the pivotal role of Women in Leadership.

Spandana Ayachitam, Founder of World Innovation Economics, remarked, “While innovation propels the world forward, its true economic impact lies in groundbreaking ideas and the transformative power to create abundance, foster progress, and build a future where possibilities know no bounds.”


Day 1: Impact Innovations – ECO Davos

Day 1 is dedicated to ECO Davos, exploring themes such as ECO tech, SDG goals, Fintech, and Women in Leadership. The summit will delve into how diverse leadership teams contribute to innovation and business success. Notable highlights include a key note from Rom Reddy CEO of the Soptics.AI. A platform committed to accelerating SDG/ESG goals and the launch of Ecoedus, a climate movement led by 12-year-old Ishaan Mohareer.

Women Inspiring Network (WIN) from India will host a panel session on Women in Leadership, celebrating achievements and emphasizing the indispensable role that diverse leadership plays in shaping the future of business and innovation.

Day 2: Shaping the Global Startup Landscape

Day 2 will focus on startups, addressing topics like AI-driven startup investment strategies and the launch of QuantumfAI and Ecoedus. The day will also feature discussions on startup ecosystems, investment trends, and innovation pitches.

The launch of Quantumfai – A Prescriptive Analytics Model built for Entrepreneurs and Investors that generates the most accurate prediction of data.

Day 3: African Hub Day

Day 3, in partnership with the African Transformation Group and A-brod.com will address critical issues related to Food Security and Healthcare Transformation in Africa. Discussions will cover African Diaspora Dynamics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Food Security, and Healthcare Transformation.

The summit will host distinguished speakers from various fields, and renowned experts in their respective domains.

Sponsors and Registration

The event is proudly sponsored by SFTA, Fiat24, SOPTICS.AI, Sita Corp, Shadow Factory, HEIMANN CVETKOVIC & PARTNERS AG, Generation Impact Global, Harley Street Healthcare Group, AxonJay.ai, YUVIDIGITAL WORLDWIDE LTD, AI Nexus Healthcare, AIM Reply, NAK3D, and SFTL – SwissFinTechLadies. Registration for the summit is open at Eventbrite.

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