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VogueStar India 2023 Crowns Deepa Jhaveri as Mrs Goodwill Ambassador

Deepa Jhaveri

 Deepa Jhaveri

Bengaluru/ Jaipur, April 22, 2023: Deepa Jhaveri, an accomplished abstract artist and MBA graduate from Bengaluru, has been crowned Mrs Goodwill Ambassador at the prestigious VogueStar India 2023 event. Her journey towards this coveted title has been nothing short of inspiring.

With a passion for art that was ingrained in her from a young age, Deepa has always been interested in exploring the creative side of things. Despite pursuing a successful career in business management, her love for the arts never wavered. It was this passion that led her to pursue modelling, as a means to try something different and express herself through creativity.

A goodwill ambassador is a person who promotes its values and goals to the wider community. As Mrs. Goodwill Ambassador of VogueStar India 2023, Deepa Jhaveri will use her platform to spread positivity, advocate for women’s empowerment, and raise awareness for social causes close to her heart.

Deepa Jhaveri delighted with the title, quoted, “I am truly humbled and honoured to be crowned as Mrs Goodwill Ambassador at VogueStar India 2023. This journey has been incredible and I am grateful for the opportunity to use this platform to spread positivity and inspire others. I believe that together, we can create a world that is kinder, more compassionate, and full of goodwill. I am grateful to VogueStar India for creating a platform that celebrates women and their unique identities, and I look forward to making the most of this opportunity.”

Talking about the grand fashion week cum beauty pageant, Kirti Choudhary, Founder, VogueStar, said, “I am really thrilled to see the excitement of these woman participants who are here to lit the stage up with their talent and beauty. Being in the beauty pageant industry for long, I always wanted to challenge the existing norms of the industry which allow women of a certain shape, color or size to participate in these contests. VogueStar 2023 is here amending the stereotype and opening an equal opportunity to women from across the country irrespective of their backgrounds.

Kavita Kharayat and Allison Woodham played a crucial role in the success of the VogueStar India 2023 event. As the trainers for the models, they worked tirelessly to ensure that every participant was confident and poised on the runway. Together, they formed an exceptional team that inspired and motivated the models to put their best foot forward on the runway.

The recently concluded Miss VogueStar India and Mrs VogueStar India 2023 event, took place over a period of three days at the Le Meridian Hotel in Jaipur. It marked a new milestone in setting high standards for fashion and beauty in India.

As a platform that celebrates and supports women in creating their own unique identities, VogueStar’s all-India fashion week and beauty pageant brought together a diverse group of talented and accomplished women to showcase their skills and beauty in a vibrant and inclusive environment. The event was a glittering and glamorous affair, with participants from across the country competing to be recognized with the title.

The pageant crowned three national winners in two distinct categories – Miss VogueStar India and Mrs VogueStar India. The Mrs VogueStar India category was further divided into two groups, with each group consisting of married women who were fiercely competing to win the coveted title. Group One comprised women between the ages of 18 and 35, while group Two represented women between the ages of 36 and 60. These women worked tirelessly to showcase their talent and beauty, vying for the chance to be recognized as the most accomplished and inspiring married women in India.

The grand event brought together 700 talented participants from across India. The participants had undergone rigorous training for six months under the guidance of a team of experts to showcase their skills and talents at the event. The grand finale, choreographed by Alison Woodham, was a spectacular display of fashion, with talented designers experimenting with different fabrics and silhouettes over three days. The event was managed by an all-female team from VogueStar, who were committed to creating a safe and supportive space for women to shine.

Over 1200 passionate women from 28 states and eight union territories had registered for the event, with state-wise beauty contests being held to select one winner from each region.

VogueStar also invited budding and emerging fashion designers from across the country to showcase their talents and represent their respective states at the event. The 30 selected designers had worked tirelessly for months to create exquisite collections of jewellery and outfits for the grand finale. For further information, please feel free to reach out at .:

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