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Videograph Embarks on a Pioneering Partnership with Republic Media Network to Redefine Live Streaming and Advertising Landscape on Digital Platforms

New Delhi, December 18, 2023: Videograph, a leading player in innovative video technology, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Republic Media Network News Channels. This collaboration marks a significant stride in the realm of live streaming, advertising insertion, and channel monetization. As the demand for real-time, high-quality content continues to soar, videograph is at the forefront of empowering media organizations with innovative solutions. Videograph is set to enhance the live-streaming experience for viewers watching Republic News channels globally.

With this partnership, Republic Media Network stands to elevate its audience experience through Videograph’s cutting-edge live-streaming technology, ensuring an impeccable and uninterrupted viewing journey across various devices. Through its robust infrastructure, Videograph will enable Republic News channels to deliver high-definition content to viewers across various platforms and geographies. The integration of Videograph’s Dynamic Ad Insertion technology will bring a new dimension to advertising prowess, enabling the delivery of personalized and targeted advertisements of the channels, thereby enhancing user engagement and unlocking fresh revenue streams.

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Commenting on the development, Uday Reddy, CEO and founder at Videograph, said, “We are excited to join forces with Republic Media Network, a trailblazer in the news industry to provide our cutting-edge solutions. This partnership is a testament to Videograph’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in live streaming, advertising, and monetization. Together, we aim to redefine the viewer experience and drive new levels of success for Republic News channels on digital platforms.

Tapan Sharma, Chief operating officer of Digital business at Republic Media Network, commented, “Republic News channels have always been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge news content to our viewers. Teaming with Videograph allows us to elevate our capabilities in live streaming, enabling us to provide a more engaging and personalized experience for our audience. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on our Digital channels and our viewers.”

Extending beyond technology integration, the partnership will also bring Videograph and Republic together to implement monetization strategies, leveraging Videograph’s global partnerships with renowned ad networks like Google Ad Manager, Beachfront, Magnite, Xandr, LG Ads, GroupM, Freewheel, PubMatic, and others to tap into high CPM-driven revenue opportunities.

The partnership is also aimed at addressing a longstanding challenge in the content production landscape, providing Republic access to publisher-agnostic content distribution analytics tools. This will empower the Republic to assess content performance data comprehensively, tracking distribution partner-wise, region-wise, device-wise, and more. The analytics tools will also enable monitoring of ad performance and revenue metrics, providing Republic Digital channnels with valuable insights to refine content strategies and optimize revenue streams effectively.

As Videograph and Republic Media Network join forces, the stage is set for a transformative journey that enhances the capabilities of both organizations and redefines the standards of excellence in the dynamic world of live streaming of News. The collaboration reflects a shared vision for innovation, engagement, and success, promising a future where viewers can expect nothing less than an unparalleled and personalized viewing experience.

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