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The Lean Mean Writing Machine – Pennline Superbook-Mini from William Penn

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Why carry a separate notepad, pen, cardholder and charger, when you can carry them all in one organiser? The Pennline Superbook-Mini is a marvelously versatile quiver for everything you need to be productive, connected and organised.

The slim and compact Superbook-mini is the newest addition to the Pennline Superbook family. It is equipped with a 4000 mAh power bank capable of wireless and cable charging. An ideal companion that allows you to be on the move throughout the day while working seamlessly, it is a thoughtful and practical gift – for both corporate gifting and personal celebrations. Lighter than the original Superbook, this model is also a wonderful gift for women and can fit into larger purses and handbags with ease. The Superbook-mini can be personalised by having your name, initials or any other text inscribed on it.

This notebook power-bank organiser can charge your phone in any one of the following ways, through a wire connected to the pop-up charging port, wirelessly by placing the phone on top of the organiser and by inserting the phone into the elastic phone holder. The wireless option allows you to charge the phone even while on the move.

With 3 card slots, a business card holder, a utility pouch, an ID window, a handy slip-in pocket that can hold your passport/boarding pass on the inner panels, and a pen holder on the spine designed into the organiser cover, you will never have to flip through your pockets or bag to search for things. The utilitarian back-pouch on the outside can be used to carry folded documents, a newspaper or an additional slim notebook.

This versatile organiser comes with a nylon 3-in-1 charging cable (Apple, Android and C-Type). The cable can be used for both – charging the organiser and charging your phone. It contains two replaceable Quikfills and comes in a stylish gift box that can be used to archive and store the Quikfills and other slim notebooks of a similar size.

The organiser comes in one piece which fits perfectly in your hand and closes neatly when not in use with its magnetic auto-closure mechanism feature. That means no more fumbling at airport security, no more scampering for things you’ve forgotten, and no more messy bags to mine for what you need. This BIS-certified model is flight safe and its slim silhouettes make it easy to carry wherever you go.

The Pennline Superbook-Mini organiser from William Penn is available in Black and Coffee Brown for Rs.4995/-

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