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The Biggest Disadvantages of Switching To Van Life

woman with van

woman with van

It doesn’t hurt to consider alternative living situations such as van life. However, some issues could arise that you may not realize until it’s too late. Let us explain the biggest disadvantages of switching to van life, so you can make the best decision.

Space Is at a Premium

Moving from a home to a van is a culture shock, especially considering the freedom a home provides. When you are in the confines of a house, there are several rooms you can escape to if you need a few moments of silence, whereas living out of a converted van doesn’t offer the same opportunities.

The lack of space can also backfire when you’re trying to replicate your home life as much as possible. You’ll have trouble finding the space and power to maintain your previous lifestyle, leading to some tough decisions.

Staying Clean

Since there is only so much room, clutter can be a monumental problem. Stacking things on top of each other is unnerving to look at—and dangerous. Besides the cleanliness of your domicile, you’ll also have to manage your hygiene. You will inevitably get dirty, moving from campsite to campsite while taking in the views. Fortunately, adding an awning has benefits because you can attach a showerhead to cleanse yourself (don’t forget the privacy screens!).

Nature’s Wrath

The weather’s unpredictability can throw a wrench into things—especially on stormy days, which could cause you to stay inside for a while. Winter would also be a giant mess, particularly if you are up north. You will quickly realize how much you miss the wonders of a standard HVAC system when temperatures dip below zero degrees.

Lack of Productivity

While the flexibility of having a remote job is useful for van life, it doesn’t mean you will be doing your best work. Finding focus and remaining productive is a huge hurdle for van lifers. It’s easy to have your mind wander elsewhere when you must consider so many things traditional homeowners don’t. Plus, when the weather is pleasant, all you’ll want to do is explore your surroundings.

Bye, Bye, Bye

If you hate goodbyes, van life might not be the best decision. Meeting friends along the way is one of the best things about this lifestyle. The people you meet as a van lifer will most likely be more interesting than those you may meet with a suburban, 9-to-5 lifestyle. Maintaining friendships with fellow nomadic travelers is challenging, leading to several agonizing, permanent farewells. Likewise, leaving a lovely location also tugs at your heartstrings.

There are several wonderful things about embracing van life, although the biggest disadvantages of the switch may guide your decision. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy this lifestyle when you see fit, but permanence might be too big of an adjustment.

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