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The “Art of European Pork” Campaign Returns for Showcasing FHA Singapore Exhibition

Apr 03, 2024 New Delhi, India: The Belgian Meat Office is pleased to announce the return of its “The Art of European Pork: By the Belgian Meat Suppliers” campaign in India, continuing to highlight the exceptional qualities of Belgian pork. Building on the success of the first year, the campaign takes a significant step forward by participating in the renowned Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition in Singapore.

Belgium, a global leader in pork production with a rich culinary heritage, launches the second year of its “The Art of European Pork” campaign in India. This initiative highlights the expertise, traceability, food safety, and service levels of Belgian pork exporters, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship behind its exceptional quality and taste.

Key attributes of Belgian pork:

1. Producers’ Know-how: Belgian pork producers leverage centuries of knowledge and traditional practices, ensuring consistently high-quality, tender, and flavorful meat.

2. Traceability: Unparalleled traceability lets consumers follow their Belgian pork from farm to fork. Meticulous records guarantee transparency and accountability during every procedure of the way.

3. Food Safety: Belgian pork prioritizes safety, meeting the highest food safety standards through strict regulations, advanced testing, and regular inspections. These procedures guarantee that Belgian pork reaches the market with the utmost quality and safety.

4. Service Levels: Belgian pork suppliers go beyond exceptional products, offering personalized assistance, prompt delivery, and customized orders for complete customer satisfaction.

The “Art of European Pork” is an effort by the Belgian Meat Office to promote Belgian Pork and strengthen the trade relationship between India and EU nations. This campaign is an opportunity for retailers, distributors, and culinary professionals in India to expand their knowledge and offerings in the world of Belgian Pork.

Witness the Art of Pork Come to Life at FHA Singapore

As part of the campaign, Belgian pork exporters will participate in the upcoming Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition in Singapore, taking place from 23rd to 26th April 2024. FHA is Asia’s largest international food and hospitality trade event, attracting leading manufacturers, emerging brands, and over 50,000 trade professionals from over 95 countries and regions in 2023.

Food industry and hospitality professionals are invited to visit “The Art of European Pork” booth at BOOTH 7H3-04 during FHA to explore the meticulous craftsmanship behind European pork production, experience the exceptional quality and service levels firsthand.

This participation in FHA is a key component of the ‘The Art of European Pork’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the high standards and qualities of Belgian pork in the South Asian market. By showcasing their products at FHA, Belgian pork suppliers hope to generate interest and establish new partnerships in the region.

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