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A new-age premium unisex eyewear brand, Shisen Fox unveils its digital campaign ‘Holi Kab Hai?’

India, March 2024:

Shisen Fox, a new-age premium unisex eyewear brand unveils its latest digital campaign, ‘Holi Kab Hai?’ focusing on the true spirit of Holi by making peoples’ faces colorful and joyous via sunglasses. The campaign is Conceptualized by Glad U Came.

While Holi is a festive occasion, many Holi colors contain harmful chemicals, posing significant risks to the eyes. Through this campaign, Shisen Fox advised consumers to be cautious. The digital ad starts with a montage of a group of friends wearing Shisen Fox sunglasses which is followed by splashes of colours on their faces leading up to the message: play Holi with precaution. From quirky colorful glares to vibrant sunglasses, Shisen Fox offers its customers to dive into the sphere with splash colors and celebrate Holi in style.

Holi Campaign SF 5

Salim Memom, the visionary founder of Shisen Fox, expressed, “At Shisen Fox, we believe in celebrating diversity and self-expression, and what better way to do so than through the prism of colors that Holi brings? It is a time of togetherness and celebration, and we wanted to capture that essence with our ‘Holi Kab Hai?’ campaign. Our collection features quirky glares and sunglasses perfect for the Holi season, allowing customers to express their unique style while embracing the festive spirit.”

Shisen Fox’s colorful eyewear Holi campaign will be hosting virtual Holi-themed filters, events, and contests on its social media channels, inviting customers to participate and win exciting prizes. The ‘Holi Kab Hai?’ campaign also underscores Shisen Fox’s commitment to providing innovative eyewear solutions that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and functionality.

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