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SANDA becomes an ‘Ambassador’ for Women Education Project (WEP) for Covid Relief Initiative

SANDA becomes an ‘Ambassador’ for Women Education Project

New Delhi, May 2021: SANDA, a leading market entry firm in Fashion, Beauty, and E-commerce sector founded by Simrita Dhillon become an Ambassador for Women Education Project (WEP) for their Covid relief initiatives for Indian families. The initiative aims to supports 273 students, alumnae, and their families in Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu whose needs have become critical. Sanda, founder Simrita Dhillon will actively promote the WEP’s Covid relief initiative across its network in order to create awareness and generate maximum funds for these families in India.

Simrita Dhillon, Founder Sanda, Ambassador WEP New York said, “I feel honored and blessed to be an Ambassador for WEP, which has taken this great initiative to support the families in India. With these initiatives, I will be able to support my country in times when it requires the utmost provision. We aim to raise maximum funds so that all the requirements can be taken care and together we are able to fight these unfortunate times”.

SANDA becomes an ‘Ambassador’ for Women Education Project

The Women’s Education Project (WEP), founded by New York-based, ZOE TIMMS has identified 273 students, alumnae, and their families who have suffered illness, death, and employment loss. These families will continue to face hunger, health problems, limited access to resources, and unemployment even as the pandemic lessens. The students and alumnae are young women who were once eager to pursue careers, now have few opportunities. Even some members are migrant workers returning to their homes.

WEP with its Covid 19 relied initiative will distribute sanitation, dry ration parcels, kitchen garden seeds, chickens, and safety information to these families of five for INR 2000 per month ($27.00 per month). It will also assist these ambitious, young women to become economically independent. The young women will attend WEP’s Ripple Effect Certificate Program where they will learn to make masks and sanitary pads, training on sustainable activities (kitchen gardens and chicken rearing), and dissemination of critical public safety information and livelihood activity knowledge.

The WEP support will enable students to remain (remotely) in the WEP program and school/college; trained students relay information on COVID, kitchen gardens, and poultry rearing to protect and inform their families, neighbors, and communities; and kitchen gardens and live poultry provide ongoing sustenance and introduction to entrepreneurial activities.

To donate to the COVID relief, please visit the Global Giving page – (We are trying to raise the funds on this platform – and it has the details for COVID project)

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