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RSMC President’s Asia Tour: A Glimpse into the Future of Globalized Reproductive Industry

SAN DIEGO and IRVINE, Calif. and HONG KONG, June 11, 2024  — On June 11, the President of the Reproductive Science Medical Center (RSMC) in the United States successfully concluded his visit to Asia. During the week-long trip, the President engaged in one-on-one meetings with guests from various regions, providing in-depth explanations of reproductive technologies and treatment options.

This visit covered multiple regions, including Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and Tokyo, attracting many couples, singles for consultations. The openness of U.S. laws compared to those in Asia, along with Taiwan’s leading position in IVF technology, has made Taiwan a pivotal intermediary for IVF in Asia. Unlike Hong Kong, where frozen eggs can only be stored for ten years, or Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, where there are many restrictions on PGS genetic screening, Taiwan offers more flexibility. Many clients choose to freeze their sperm, eggs, and embryos in Taiwan and then legally transport them to the U.S., where IVF treatments are not restricted by marital status or sexual orientation, fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

From a business perspective, this visit not only strengthened RSMC’s connections with Asian clients but also highlighted the global development of the reproductive industry chain. Those in need of fertility services can choose the appropriate country based on their identity, budget, reproductive plans, and geographic location, piecing together their fertility journey like assembling components. As the final destination for many of these journeys, the U.S., particularly RSMC in California, with its 30 years of clinical experience and multilingual, round-the-clock one-stop services, has become the top choice for many Asian clients. To date, RSMC has helped over 20,000 families achieve their fertility dreams. If you are interested, please visit our website or schedule a free online consultation with the American President.

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