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Reinventing The Art Of Preserving Resources With Moksa – Expect Miracle

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Sept 2021: For years historically we have lived in harmony with our surroundings and nature. But now there seems that in our unconscious we are exploiting and ignoring the very basis of our existence ironically for personal gain. This has pushed our natural ecosystem to a breaking point. It’s time for us to respect our habitat and get one with our environment.

We at Moksa -Expect Miracles provide plant-based products that help you relax and reach your peak state while being respectful and non-exploitative of resources we use. Moksa was conceived to provide products with visibly effective results which are visible in our body mind and soul. The range of exotic, unique and gourmet blends go through process of procurement and tasting, which has matured its palette through a journey of 25 years, with the passion to get the most effective plant combinations and without any toxic or non-toxic elements. The procurement is done taking utmost care of purity.

Hemp is procured from the farmers directly and as the whole global human enterprise is understanding the interconnected biological concrescence with hemp plant it seems that the responsibility of Moksa-Expect Miracles gets bigger to get the most pure and clean products.

Seeds are to plants what genes are to the body and our Superfoods provide Seeds etc. which are inherently required by the human body for its basic organisation of alignment of discomfort on daily basis.

We have tested our diversified range, and are confident that when consumers start including these products in their daily routine, they can “EXPECT MIRACLES”. Moksa sources and procures the raw materials from hilly regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal and West Bengal. We have been up, close and personal with farmers and facilitators of these regions. We regard their honesty and hard work as well as understand the complications of surviving & farming in the remote hilly areas. One problem in particular the people of these regions are facing is migration. People in search of livelihood and better income have started migrating to cities in plain areas, which is harming the ecosystem of hilly regions. Moksa-Expect Miracles endeavours to act responsibility towards the people in this region to invoke a better ecosystem.

Moksa-Expect Miracles takes pride in keeping the authenticity of quality and consumer tastes which have been reviewed with joy by many as original and primitive unlike the mass market ideology which has always compromised the premise of harmony in nature.

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