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Rediscover India with Arth – A Culture Fest

Rediscover India with Arth – A Culture Fest

21st February 2023: Arth – A Culture Fest, the highly anticipated cultural festival, is set to take place from February 24th – 26th at Sunder Nursery in Delhi. This three-day festival will be a culmination of several art and music performances by bringing together diverse communities from the farthest corners of India to celebrate its vibrant and rich culture. It will showcase the best of Indian music, dance, art, and workshops.

Here you can look forward to an exciting line-up of iconic performances by some of the most celebrated artists from a wide range of art forms, ranging from Indian classical to colorful tribal dance forms, music performances, poetry recitals, and more.

From witnessing Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest surviving martial art forms of Kerala, to Yakshagaana, a traditional dance-theatre developed in Karnataka, and experiencing the rhythmic Bihu folk dance from Assam, the audience will be in for multiple enthralling performances that celebrate India to its very core.

The highlight of the festival will be some riveting musical performances by Sangeet Samragini Padma Bhushan Begum Parween Sultana, soulful sufi numbers by Javed Ali, melodious Rajasthani folk songs by Kutle Khan, and a beautiful slow poetry recital, by Neelesh Misra and Manav Kaul.

Commenting on the occasion, India’s most loved storyteller Neelesh Misra said, “Culture is at the heart of our society, our values, even technology, and storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to express culture and cultural values. Through storytelling, I ‘become the other’ every day. We connect with one another through stories and build bridges of understanding. I am delighted to be part of this festival that celebrates the diversity, unity, and employs the power of art to bring people together.”

Renowned Indian playback singer Javed Ali added, “Music has always been a way of connecting with people and it is not just a form of entertainment, but a way of life. It demands devotion, discipline, and a deep connection with one’s inner self, and I feel Privileged and Happy to be a part of Arth – A Cultural Fest. This initiative will help preserve and promote India’s rich musical tradition for generations to come.”

In addition to cultural performances, the festival will also host Workshops at Arth where award-winning artisans from different regions will showcase India’s rich culture. These include Sanganeri Hand Block Printing, Woodcarving Workshop, Pattachitra Workshop, Cheriyal Painting, Mithila Art Workshop, Bamboo Craft Workshop, Phad Painting Workshop, and Gond Painting Workshop.

This festival has always believed that there is something for everyone here and keeping this at its core, Arth has curated a fun-filled and informative experience for children. A section of the festival will be dedicated to Children at Arth, a unit curated especially for the young ones. Children between the ages of 3 and 14 will get to experience Tinkle Hour, storytelling sessions, quizzes, painting, and yoga sessions, along with other interactive workshops. All of these activities will be conducted in collaboration with Amar Chitra Katha and Guru Leela.

Three stunning art exhibits which have been beautifully curated by art historian Dr Alka Pande for Art at Arth to put the spotlight on the Indic narrative will also be on display. Furthermore, the audience will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse cuisines and flavors of India .

Arth – A Culture Fest promises to be a festival for one and all, whether you are an art enthusiast, or a cultural aficionado, or simply looking to experience a sunny spring day out with your loved ones. With something for everyone, the festival is sure to be a highlight of India’s cultural calendar this year.

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