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RAUKANTEX Edgebands: A blend of elegance, creativity and style



The growing demand for ready-made furniture has increased the demand for edgebands, as the product category is emerging among consumers and complementing their functional and aesthetic requirements. Another aspect that has increased demand for edgebands is innovation in surface solutions, with laminate producers developing new shades, design patterns, colors, and special finishes. Matching of edgeband is no longer a barrier for furniture manufacturers, who can now provide consumers with flawless finishes and neat furniture at the end. Additionally, influencers especially small OEMs and carpenters have enhanced the conventional practice of covering the furniture’s edges with edgebands. Considering the above factors have undoubtedly marked a significant difference in the growth of edgebands by around 15% in last three years.

REHAU manufactures the most innovative, efficient, and designer ranges of surface materials and environment-friendly products in the furniture solution industry with a brilliant performance. One such product in this range is the REHAU Edgebands.

About the product

REHAU Edgebands add life to your furniture and are one of the latest trends in the furniture design industry. These premium-quality Edgebands come with a wide range of colour and design options to match any decorative requirements of laminates.

Product Description

Edgebands extend the life, improve the functionality, and enhance the appearance of furniture. In order to fulfil the rising demand for laminates and their surface treatments, REHAU consistently updated its edgebands to offer new value to the customer and has over 1400 design options to enhance the appearance of laminates and the furniture as a whole.

Edgebands are available in a wide range of materials, including exquisite woods, plywood multiplex effects, unique design combinations, dazzling stone, and stylish metallic designs.

REHAU is continuously evolving g its Edgeband range and adds almost 200 new designs annually. There are more than 300 Edgeband designs that are active and regularly available. Additionally, more than 2000000 edgeband options are possible through the combination of materials, dimension, embossing gloss level and application methods.


REHAU Edgebands are antibacterial, antifungal, DOP-free, and available, in different materials like uPVC, ABS, Veneer and PMMA. These uPVC edgebands are available in wide embossed patterns and are matched 100% with laminates. REHAU provides edgebands in various finishes from super matt to mirror gloss and sizes from 12x100mm width and 0.4×3.0mm thickness.

Here are the various REHAU edgeband ranges:

RAUKANTEX colour and decor

RAUKAUNTEX uPVC COLOUR (UNI) EDGEBANDS is a colored miracle in the décor with a perfect match for every design and style of furniture. UNI Edgeband collection redefines enchanting colors to match every design and detail with its enduring grace. These edgebands determine the right tone and shade. With a display of more than 800 color options, the edgeband stands apart for its exquisite color range and vibrancy. It always gives a uniform look with help of the smooth application.

RAUKANTEX Colour and Decor address the personalized desires and requirements of each customer. This range easily matches the Indian or global surface and board collections.

RAUKANTEX super high gloss

RAUKANTEX Super High Gloss finish comes with a smooth and reflective surface. These edgebands can be used in regular edgeband machines without any special settings and comes with a protective film to prevent scratches.


Material: PVC and ABS
Lacquer type: Super high gloss lacquer
Size: 23*1.30mm and 25*1.30mm


RAUKANTEX mirror gloss

RAUKANTEX mirror gloss edgebands provide the perfect balance between gloss level and neutrality on any surface. This is because they have a lacquer application with over 85 gloss-level points and a unique smoothness of the ABS surface.


Material: ABS (without embossing)
Lacquer type: Mirror gloss
Size: 23*1mm
Has a pure reflective quality
Delivered with protective foil
Goes mainly with Formica and Senosan
Also available in 45*1.3mm


RAUKANTEX Magic 3D adds two distinctly different gloss finishes to one decorative design, with a 3D illusion. This is an economical alternative for compact aluminium edge applications in your home & office, without any special adjustments on machine parameters.


Material: PMMA and PP
Embossing: Smooth/ 223
Lacquer type: Standard lacquer
Size: 23*1.00mm
Have good radius compatibility
Comes with a finish that requires no reworking
Radii can be polished
Decorative design remains intact even when the radius is milled

RAUKANTEX v-groove

RAUKANTEX V-Groove incorporates high gloss and matte finish within one edgeband. This edgeband creates the appearance of being one-piece, by ensuring that the top section of the edgeband has an exact lacquer match to the surface being edged.


Material: PMMA
Embossing: Smooth/ 223
Lacquer type: Standard lacquer
Size: 23*1.00mm
Also available in 45*1.3mm for worktops and counter applications


The V-Twin range is available in 10 shades. This is a stepped edgeband with a groove. The upper section of this edgeband comes in typical gloss colours and the lower section is in aluminium.


Material: ABS
Lacquer type: Super laquer
Size: 23*1.00mm
Combines the design aspect of glass and processing advantages of polymers
Zero-hour adjustment time
Dual tone

RAUKANTEX wood veneer

RAUKANTEX Wood Veneer edgebands are a real wood veneer collection. This edgeband range comes in a wide variety of wood types, such as Oak, Maple, Ash, Teak, Sappeli and American walnut, which gives a wooden finish.


Material: Wood veneer
Size: 0.60*1.00mm (thickness); 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm (width)
European wooden pattern
Multi-layered with adhesive-coated sides
Asymmetrical and finger joints

REHAU zero-joint edgeband

REHAU Zero-Joint edgeband is a revolutionary product that achieves a seamless finish without any framing effect. This edgeband comes with a pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer that gives a seamless joint between the edgeband and the board.


Gives a beautiful monolithic panel look
Moisture and heat resistant
Creates a bond equal to or greater than PUR
High-quality edging
Does not require hotmelt or down-line cleaning of excess adhesive

RAUCARP retail collection

The RAUCARP retail collection houses user-friendly edgebands which are Affordable, Durable, and Fashionable edgebands available in more than 100 shades. This protects your furniture from physical damage and is a great choice when it comes to wood binding and replacing melamine.


Material: PVC
Lacquer type: Matt
Size: 22*0.45mm and 22*0.8mm (*other sizes on demand)
Roll Size: 50mt
While adding strength to wooden panels, edgebands are known to be the master in making furniture durable. Edgebands are the right solution for providing impactful resistance while enhancing the aesthetics of furniture.

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