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Raffles Udaipur Celebrates Earth Day With Sustainable Practices

Raffles Udaipur Celebrates Earth Day With Sustainable Practices 22, April 2023: Raffles Udaipur, India’s first outpost of the luxurious hotel chain, is a leading luxury destination committed to providing an unforgettable and sustainable experience to its guests. The magnificent and sustainable experience of a lifetime begins with the usage of zero carbon emission battery-operated boats that transport guests to and from the Raffles Lakeshore. This eco-friendly boat ride enables guests to experience the beauty of the nature without compromising its future.

One of the major ways Raffles Udaipur achieves its sustainability goals is through its food and beverage program. The property’s goal is to function in a closed loop that generates as little waste as possible, following sustainable guidelines to eliminate single-use plastics and other eco-conscious practices.

Raffles Udaipur‘s bars grow their own hydroponic herbs to use in cocktails straight from the pot. Self-grown herbs like mint, basil, coriander, curry leaves, and edible flower varietals act as the base of the beverage program. The menus across all restaurants are seasonal, and the culinary team strays away from buffets to avoid food wastage. All takeaway products from restaurants are packed consciously in bio-degradable packaging to further be eco-friendly.

The hotel’s sustainable practices are a part of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The hotel’s organic waste converter helps to reduce waste and supports responsible consumption and production by converting recyclable waste to manure, which is used in the hotel’s lawns. The use of glass bottles instead of plastic ones for water and the conversion of CFLs and PLs to LED lights help to promote clean energy and responsible consumption. Raffles Udaipur also has an in-house water bottling plant that produces sustainable, high-quality bottled water on-site. This not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes eco-conscious practices and provides guests with a unique and sustainable amenity.

At Raffles Udaipur focus is also on the conservation of water, guests are given the option to use the same bed linen for at least two days, which not only saves water and energy but also reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint. To ensure the same, the hotel provides a card in each room that allows guests to request fresh linen if desired. This helps to empower the guests to make environmentally responsible choices during their stay.

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, Raffles Udaipur continues to inspire others to make sustainable choices and commit to a better future.

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