Puressentiel India in association with Women Inspiring Network hosts a webinar on Health Benefits of Essential oils: The new normal in these stressful times

Puressentiel India in association with Women Inspiring Network hosts a

National, June 2021: As the world celebrates World Environment Day, Puressentiel India, a French brand since 2005 specializing in the use and benefits of Aromatherapy, hosts a webinar in association with Women Inspiring Network on the 2nd of June 2021 at IST 6:00 PM. This 100% family-run laboratory produces ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas based on a simple principle: Pure Effectiveness! The brand takes pride in its 100% natural products and hence is all set to curate a panel discussion on the Health Benefits of Essential oils: The new normal in these stressful times. The pandemic has surely changed our outlook to life and has shifted our priorities to self-awareness and self-care.

In order to educate maximum people about the benefits of Essential Oils and their role in coping with not just health but daily concerns in these Covid times, Puressentiel India along with a panel of esteemed health & wellness experts have organised a Zoom webinar amplified via Facebook. The panel includes the Global Education Manager for Puressentiel Laboratory Mr. Romain Rance, Health and Wellness writer Ms. Parineeta Sethi Chief Editor for the Global Spa Magazine, Ms. Pratishtha Rana who is a renowned health & wellness coach, Founder of the mother’s community Kidsstoppress Ms. Mansi Zaveri and Actor-Entrepreneur-Influencer Kanisha Malhotra. The panel will be moderated by Ms. Stuti Jalan, Founder, Women Inspiring Network as they discuss the relevance and use of Essential Oils in these stressful times.

Ms. Karina Kapoor, Brand Manager, Puressentiel India on the webinar informatively says, “Aromatherapy, one of the world’s oldest forms of natural healing, has picked up momentum during the pandemic as people now focus on their mental/physical health through natural alternatives which are less harmful and sustainable. Essential Oil Therapy is a preventive and precautionary natural healer for a lot of illnesses like asthma, insomnia, sore muscles, anxiety, stress, etc. We at Puressentiel India aim at making this webinar on the benefits of Essential oils an insightful, educative, and impactful session where maximum people are able to take away key pointers and incorporate them into their new post-pandemic lifestyle.”

She further adds, “We believe in offering everyone the opportunity to look after themselves in the most natural and sustainable way possible, creating the new health solution: purer, more natural, and more effective.”

The Global Education Manager for Puressentiel Laboratory, Mr. Romain Rance adds, “India has been a land of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. I am excited and looking forward to interacting with the Indian health and wellness experts, the audience and hoping to exchange a lot of knowledge and experience in the fields of aromatherapy. With World Environment Day round the corner, the focus of the discussion will be on the significance of plant-based essential oils, aromatherapy, and how it is now playing an important role in providing relief from the pandemic stress or post covid impacts.

Details of the Webinar –

Date – 2nd June 2021

Time – IST 6:00 PM

Live –



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