Publisher of The Oaklea Press Says New Book Just Released Reveals Proof That Mind Creates Matter

Richmond, VA, January 10, 2023 –(– The Kindle ebook edition of a new release from The Oaklea Press entitled “Proof Mind Creates Matter: Why That’s Good News for You & Me” will be free to download from Amazon on January, 9, 10, and 11, 2023, in order to get the word out, according to the publisher.

The author, Stephen Hawley Martin, said, “Proof that mind creates matter came to light 27 years ago, but scientists have ignored or distorted it—I believe as a matter of pride. For 150 years most of them have maintained that all that exists is matter, and therefore matter creates consciousness and mind. My new book reveals that the opposite is true. Readers should brace themselves. This book will likely change how they view reality.”

Martin, the author of more than three dozen books, has won a number of national awards for his work. He is also a former principal of the advertising agency that created the GEICO Gecko and “Virginia is for lovers.”

To download a free copy of the Kindle edition, click the URL below, and then “Buy Now” for $0.00:

“Proof Mind Creates Matter: Why That’s Good News for You & Me” is available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook for $5.99, as a trade paperback for $10.99, and in Hardcover for $18.95.

The Oaklea Press Inc. was founded in 1995 and publishes business management, self-help, fiction, biographies, scientific investigations, and those to do with body, mind & spirit.
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