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Protouch expands product portfolio with it’s exclusive Amazon launch “Facelift” – a facial device to get a glowy-defined look at home

 New Delhi  With the emergence of consumer behavior that puts a huge emphasis on skin-conscious routines and products that cater to healthy nourished skin, the expenditure on the availability of salon-like treatment at home, has become a standard trend. Protouch’s advanced expertise announces the exclusive release of its “Facelift” on Amazon, a Skin-Lift Device that helps your skin look firm, and defined and adds to the glow of your skin. With this facial device, your skincare routine is improved, and the skin is lifted for a more sculpted appearance. The product promises to heal the skin by a technique that makes use of a synergistic combination of thermal heating, sonic vibration, and LED light. Leading to reduced appearance of fine wrinkles and signs of early aging.

This revolutionary and efficient facial appliance is engineered to quickly and safely add a gentle massage that improves blood flow, to your entire skin care regimen. It activates cells to increase natural collagen on the skin, which minimizes puffiness and dark spots on the face and neck, making it look more radiant and firmer.

Here’s your guide to Facelift’s tones of light catering to different conditions of the skin.

To jump-start the tissue repair & skin renewal process, leading to the restoration of skin luster and making it look firmer & radiant, the red light is recommended.

While to reduce & control excessive sebum production in the skin and effectively controls skin irritation and acne, you might switch to Blue Light! It helps effectively clean pores resulting in clear-looking acne and blackheads-free skin.

If you deal with excessive amounts of melanin, dark spots, and blemishes on the skin. Greenlight creates a barrier against it to leave clearer & brighter-looking skin!

The goal of increasing blood circulation on the skin and enhancing product penetration to maximize the results of products are fulfilled by the sonic vibration. It provides an effective lymphatic massage that kick-starts drainage reduces puffiness and lifts the skin!

Finally, Thermal Heat mode regulates heat on the skin, and increases blood flow on the skin allowing essential nutrients and oxygen to move through that helps in the regrowth of damaged skin tissue and improves skin elasticity.

This device uses a unique technology that is best suited for the skin to achieve outcomes without the need for any invasive procedures. This device’s intricately created characteristics provide immediate results for skin tightening and the restoration of clean, smooth skin, which slows down skin aging! Order yours now!

Adding to the amenities that this technology adds to your monotonous routine, the package will be provided with – Protouch Skin Lift Device full body & head (1 unit) along with both, a USB Charging Cable (1 unit) and a user manual for your ease and safety of experiencing Protouch!

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