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ProperHost Debuts DevOps Automation Platform to Streamline Cloud Deployments

Kristiansand, Norway, January 24, 2023 —, a global cloud solution provider, today announced the launch of its new application delivery platform, ProperHost Cloud. Leveraging microservices, containerization, and deployment automation, customers can deploy, manage, and scale websites with ease, including popular open-source web apps such as WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

Powered by Kubernetes, a leading container and cluster management system, the platform is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for cloud and DevOps-ready solutions. One-click application provisioning and integrated CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) enable users to take advantage of resilient cloud infrastructure and development best practices without having to worry about underlying implementation details.

“We’ve seen over and over again how much businesses struggle when trying to move their websites to the cloud,” said Sindre Moe, Founder of ProperHost. “The large majority of sites are still running on legacy web frameworks that weren’t designed for a cloud-native environment, which is a huge barrier for companies wanting to embrace new technology. With the launch of ProperHost’s novel platform, we’re able to offer an end-to-end solution that removes the technical friction, allowing users to focus 100% on their business.”

ProperHost’s bespoke platform helps small and medium-sized businesses simplify their IT operations as well as it provide all the tools and functionality needed by today’s developers, including:

Auto-healing containers: each component of the application can be individually deployed and scaled for better resource allocation and cost efficiency.

Streamlined development workflows: Git-driven deployment automation, CI/CD pipelines, and built-in staging environments promote shorter release cycles and minimize human errors.

Pre-configured application stacks: quickly spin up new sites using your favorite programming language and web framework.

Native horizontal scaling: scale as you grow with dynamic load balancing and high availability.

Work smarter, together: facilitate collaboration across teams of any size with shared code repositories, unified site management, and role-based access control.

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About ProperHost

ProperHost is a leading web hosting solutions provider specializing in e-commerce and other mission-critical workloads. Since its inception in 2004, ProperHost has earned solid industry recognition through an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service. ProperHost offers bare-metal dedicated servers as well as a cloud hosting platform.

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