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Pre- Budget quote: Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara South Asia

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunities and pathways that are opening up for engagement in the sustainability, food, and nutrition sectors as India assumes the G20 leadership this year. At Yara, we are hoping for a push toward simplifying regulations for the introduction of innovative crop nutrition products, particularly micronutrients and speciality fertilisers. Nutrition will be critical to food security in India, given that we may take the title of the most populous country in the world this year. Therefore, we firmly believe that introducing the ‘Plant Nutrition Management Bill’ is necessary and ought to be a top priority for 2023.

Soil fertility and micronutrients will be critical to meet the quality requirements for the food being produced in the country. Hence, bringing parity between the taxation on bulk fertilizers and micronutrients will help farmers take advantage of these products to not only improve quantity, but also the quality of produce. In fact, measures like direct benefit transfers of subsidy amounts into farmers’ bank accounts, will empower them to make a choice of products and services to be used to improve overall productivity for the farm sector. This step will also give wings to the export aspirations of the country.”

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