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Pepsico Reaches 2025 Goal on Water-use Efficiency in High Water-risk Areas Two Years Early

India, March 22, 2024 – PepsiCo announced that it reached its 2025 global goal of a 25% improvement in operational water-use efficiency in high water-risk areas, two years ahead of schedule1. In addition, the company was recognized by CDP, the global environmental non-profit, on the 2023 CDP A List for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on water security – putting PepsiCo in the top 0.5% of all 21,000 companies CDP scored.

As part of pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) – the company’s strategic end-to-end transformation – PepsiCo will continue working towards additional water stewardship ambitions, including aiming to be net water positive by 2030.

“Water is a fundamental human right and yet water insecurity remains a significant global challenge with billions of people lacking access to safe water,” said Jim Andrew, Chief Sustainability Officer, PepsiCo. “That’s why good water stewardship is so important and has long been a priority for PepsiCo and the communities we serve. Our vision is that wherever in the world we operate, water resources will be in a better state than before we arrived. And while we’re proud to have achieved this goal in high water-risk areas two years early, we will continue our unyielding focus on meeting our 2030 ambitions.”

Guided by PepsiCo positive, PepsiCo India aims at supporting water security for its business, natural ecosystems, and local communities by – improving water use efficiency in operations, providing safe water access to people, replenishing more than 100% of water used and adopting the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard in high water-risk areas where PepsiCo operates. Keeping these efforts in mind, PepsiCo India along with its partners have undertaken the following initiatives across locations in the country:

Through the Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management (SWRDM) program in collaboration with Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI), positively impacted over 70,000 individuals and, created the potential for 1,000 million liters of groundwater recharge through the construction of 33 rainwater harvesting structures in regions like Sangrur (Punjab), Pune (Maharashtra), and Mathura (Uttar Pradesh).

 PepsiCo Foundation is committed to providing Safe Water Access to over 100 million people worldwide by 2030. Out of this 68 million have already been covered through various partnerships with NGOs and multilateral agencies, with 27 million beneficiaries from India.

Taking the water that’s naturally found in potatoes and using it to help run food manufacturing facilities. Implemented at sites in India, Mexico, Poland and Thailand, this innovative technology developed by PepsiCo Research & Development teams captures and treats vapor that is released by potatoes when they are cooked for products such as Lay’s and converts it to drinkable water that is used to help run manufacturing facilities. This process can save a single site up to 60 million liters of water per year. The project aims to recover over 50% of water used in potato chip manufacturing plants in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

“Driven by our vision of PepsiCo Positive, we are making significant strides towards water stewardship and sustainability at PepsiCo India. As we celebrate World Water Day, we take pride in our continuous efforts that extend beyond conservation to actively replenishing water sources, adopting sustainable practices, and empowering communities. Through initiatives like the Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management and Safe Water Access programs, in collaboration with Alternative Development Initiatives, WaterAid & Pandit Jagat Ram Memorial FORCE Trust respectively, we’ve positively impacted lives and ecosystems across regions like Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. As we march towards our goal of becoming net water positive by 2030, we remain steadfast in our mission, touching the lives of communities, wherever we go.” – Yashika Singh, Head – Corporate Affairs Communication and Sustainability, PepsiCo India

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