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New Documentary “Under The Same Sky” Brings Women Together Worldwide

New York, NY, January 10, 2023 —- Actress and entrepreneur Alison Chace, founder of the online community Pink Wisdom, has used the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to bring women together with her new documentary Under The Same Sky. The film features 25 women from over 20 countries, each sharing their insights on love, potential, and overcoming self-doubt. Through Zoom interviews and footage shot by the interviewees themselves, the documentary transports viewers into a collective “we” of experience with women from around the globe.

Chace, along with cinematographer Anna Andersen and actress Lucie Fleming, conducted the interviews remotely and incorporated footage of the interviewees’ daily lives to create a unique and inspiring film. Under The Same Sky has received international recognition, showing at film festivals as far away as Nepal and winning the award for Most Inspirational Film at the Top Shorts Film Fest.

The idea for the documentary had been brewing in Chace’s mind for years, sparked by a chance encounter with Indian stylist Holly Schema in a New York City salon. The two women bonded over their shared experiences and Chace became inspired to connect with more women from different countries and cultures. With the widespread adoption of Zoom during the pandemic, Chace saw the perfect opportunity to bring her vision to life.

Under The Same Sky is a celebration of the universal experiences of women and the power of connection and support. As Chace says, “We believe that every woman has the power to create the career and love life she desires, and we’re here to help her do it.”
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Alison Chace/Founder

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