KARAM Safety Private Limited supports government’s efforts in immunization; Conducts a COVID-19 vaccination drive

KARAM Safety Private Limited

National, July 07, 2021: Getting vaccinated is the biggest and most important step to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Government of India has rolled out the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drive, KARAM has been taking small yet impactful measures to motivate its employees through creation of awareness. To date more than 1500 of our team members are enjoying the privilege of receiving the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine under this drive.

In line with these efforts, KARAM, the leading marketer and manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), supports the country in its fight against the pandemic by organizing COVID vaccination camps. Under its larger CSR effort ‘Koshish’, KARAM has collaborated with the Government of India and health care providers to organise COVID vaccination camps at its factories in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and Sitarganj (Uttarakhand).

In a month-long initiative that began in May 2021 after the vaccination rollout, KARAM Safety Pvt. Ltd. has been able to vaccinate over 1500 workers and their extended families.

Speaking of the campaign, Ms. Kavita Nigam (Chief Human Resources Officer) at KARAM Safety Pvt. Ltd. said, “Assuring complete health and safety of our employees, and keeping them inspired has become our utmost priority in these trying times. In light of this, we at KARAM have taken a proactive step by collaborating with the Government of India and health care partners to organise COVID vaccination camps in our Factory premises since 24th May 2021, to immunize our entire work force.” We are confident that a large portion of our fleet will get themselves vaccinated with the second dose too in the coming times

KARAM is ensuring the well-being of its employees at the manufacturing units by stringently following social distancing and all the directives laid down by the government. Every employee is maintaining proximity of 1-2 metres from their fellow employee. Additionally, every worker is wearing safety equipment while working throughout the day and every corner of the premise is sanitised on daily basis.

We at KARAM feel responsible towards the society and also the surrounding environment that we live in. Koshish is a modest effort that was initiated by KARAM in 2014 to organize various corporate social responsibility campaigns to contribute towards the society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives range from giving away a portion of company’s proceeds to the charity to implementing “greener business operations”.

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