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Interweave introduces an e-learning module for managing the maternity transition of women beyond 9 months

India, 26th May 2023: India’s one of the leading diversity consulting firms Interweave introduces an e-learning module for managing the maternity transition of women. Journey to becoming a mother is both blissful and challenging. Bringing a new life to the world is not easy and for a working woman, attaining motherhood is more difficult as it brings her closer to career breaks which can often be very long. According to a study, about 50% of working women in India leave their jobs to take care of their children by the age of 30, and of those who succeed in returning, a major chunk of them resigns within 4 months of re-joining. Lack of proper sensitization and training among managers and employees to facilitate a smooth transition for a female employee during the maternity period can become a major obstacle for women in their careers. Realizing this, leading D&I solutions firm Interweave Consulting with its unique e-learning module ‘Nine Months and More’ preparing the employees and managers to support them with a joyful and worry-free maternity transition.

The e-learning module is designed for both employees and people managers and comprises two modules for people managers and employees. The employee module provides women going through maternity with key information, guidance, practical tips, and methods to prepare for all stages of the transition (pre, during, and post-maternity), stay connected during maternity leave, and make a confident and smooth transition back to work. Meanwhile, the objective of the module for managers is to enable them in supporting women going on maternity in all stages. It has additional sections on how to deal with special circumstances related to maternity and also discusses workplace scenarios. The module encourages managers to reflect on how they can enable a positive, supportive, inclusive, and welcoming workplace culture. The managers are also able to explore how they can create a roadmap for a successful transition back to the workplace for women going through a maternity

Elaborating on this, Nirmala Menon, Founder & CEO of Interweave Consulting said, “Attaining motherhood is a joyful experience for women. However, a lot of female working professionals face uncertainty about managing their transition into motherhood and work, and they consider taking a break or even quitting their jobs due to a lack of training, support, or guidance. The Nine Months and More e-learning module support both people managers and employees in planning maternity journeys, effectively navigating the transition, ensuring a smooth return to work, and preventing organizations from losing valuable talent”.

‘Nine Months and More’ supports the employees and managers to plan their maternity journey in advance so they can successfully and confidently navigate the transition by making the experience joyful.

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