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Great Place To Work® India reveals that one out of every four employees struggle in speaking up about mental health issues at workplace

National, 20th March 2024: Great Place To Work® India, a renowned workplace assessment and recognition organization, has unveiled a comprehensive report on “Insights from India’s Best Workplaces™ in Health and Wellness 2023” in collaboration with HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company with insights representing a staggering 18.5L+ employees from 210+ organizations. The report showcases that despite a notable increase in the Workplace Wellness IndexTM in the preceding year, 2023 witnessed a dip of 2 points in perceptions. This trend underscores the imperative for consistent attention and improvement in fostering a healthy workplace environment for all employees. Some of India’s best workplaces in alphabetic order are Accenture Solutions Private Limited, Blue Yonder India Private Limited, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited, Flipkart Group (Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Cleartrip, Flipkart Health+), Hindalco Industries Limited.

Notably, the 2023 assessment reflects that the burnout risk remains a concern, affecting 16% of employees in Top 25% Workplaces who experience high burnout, and a concerning 40% of employees in Bottom 25% Workplaces report high burnout. The study also reveals that one out of every four employees struggles to speak up about stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression without feeling judged. Although organizations have begun providing mental health benefits, including counseling services and wellness leave policies, low utilization rates highlight the need for a structured framework to support employees who are open about their struggles.

Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, Great Place To Work®, India, stated that “Employee wellbeing – a concept that went from a niche idea to a boardroom priority – has reached a critical juncture. While the significant rise in the 2022 Workplace Wellness Index signaled a positive shift, the dip in employee perceptions in 2023 tells a different story. This year’s data reveals a concerning 2-point decline in overall satisfaction, coupled with a 3-point increase in burnout experiences. It’s a stark reminder that true well-being isn’t a one-time initiative but a continuous journey that requires unwavering commitment. While industries like construction and retail are leading the charge, the decline in Mental Health Support, Professional Growth and Development, and Effective Management and Engagement highlights areas demanding collective action. It’s no secret that the fear of judgment often prevents even one in four employees from voicing issues like stress, burnout, or anxiety. This silence underscores the need for a more transparent and supportive environment.

Here’s where leadership plays a pivotal role. While leaders consistently report higher workplace wellness experiences, the gap between their perception and that of non-managerial employees presents a powerful opportunity. The dip in 2023 scores among non-managerial employees, from 83% to 81%, underscores the urgent need for leaders to prioritize and lead well-being initiatives. Imagine the impact when leaders “walk the talk” by openly discussing their well-being journeys, fostering empathy, and actively listening to employee concerns.

The goal is to create a work environment where employees feel comfortable and deeply proud. This pride fuels self-esteem, propels creativity, and ultimately drives organizational growth. However, achieving this requires leaders to champion employee development. Supporting career progression planning, prioritizing training and development opportunities, and cultivating a culture of shared decision-making empowers employees and fosters a sense of ownership. By empowering employees and providing them with the tools they need to thrive, leaders foster a workplace where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

This year’s India’s Best Workplaces in Health and Wellness list shines a light on organizations that prioritize employee well-being. To all the winners, I wish you heartfelt congratulations. You are the beacons illuminating the path towards a future where every workplace prioritizes employee well-being, fostering not just productivity but a thriving ecosystem of engaged, empowered individuals. Let’s continue learning from each other, innovating, and building workplaces where well-being isn’t just a trend but the very foundation of a thriving and successful future.”

On a positive note, 83% of employees report having a positive sense of community at their workplace. However, perceptions of community tend to increase with age, with workers aged 25 or below reporting the lowest sense of community.

Companies that prioritize well-being witness three times more employees leveraging innovation opportunities. Conversely, organizations in the bottom quartile have only a fraction of employees experiencing innovation opportunities, highlighting the link between well-being and productivity.

A happy and healthy workforce is not only more productive and engaged but also fuels creativity and innovation, leading to a rewarding impact on the bottom line. By fostering a culture of well-being, leaders make a strategic investment in the future of their business.

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