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Global Pioneer in Fee-Free Crowdfunding, Crowdera Re-invents its platform

Mr. Chet Jainn

Chet Jainn, Founder Crowdera

Mr. Chet Jainn
Chet Jainn, Founder, Crowdera

New Delhi: Crowdera, a fintech SaaS company, has reinvented its truly free crowdfunding platform for individuals and organizations, to be smarter, next-generation intuitive, and advanced powered with AI.

Crowdera’s platform is currently in ‘Beta’ launch and is accessible via invitation-only mode to individuals and organizations. Keeping its commitment to remain fee-free forever, Crowdera has advanced the fundraising experience to match the demands of digital age philanthropists and charities.

Crowdera developed a first-of-its-kind platform in India to launch free crowdfunding and set the trend of free crowdfunding. It literally pioneered the new era of fee-free crowdfunding since its inception in 2014. While other platforms caught up to launch free crowdfunding with various riders, Crowdera still remains genuinely free. Unlike other global platforms claiming to be free, it does not take any tip from donors. The platform does not accept any voluntary donations, tips from donors, or any form of donor dipping, making the fundraising process transparent and 100% truly dedicated to the cause.

Crowdera founder Chet Jainn explains how crowdfunding, and his venture, in particular, has been building a giving economy and making the overall experience of crowdfunding better and more efficient. He said, “The reason we started Crowdera in 2014 was that we were frustrated by seeing the state of online fundraising and donor dipping by all existing platforms. We believed that doing good should not be penalized. While charities hated the platform fees, we thought, ‘Why is it that even philanthropic giving operates via capitalist gatekeepers (platforms) charging commissions for every dollar raised?’ Can we democratize the compassionate and social giving space, at least? So, we came up with an idea for a platform where you could raise any amount of money for any cause without paying any fee whatsoever literally, building a giving economy. And today, we are re-launching our already modern crowdfunding platform with a much more advanced and intuitive fundraising and donation experience, powered by AI.”

What’s new in


Super-Fast, Intuitive, & Self-Service Campaign Creation: Fastest fundraising page creation with fully customizable, contextually relevant, emotionally appealing, and visually compelling campaigns. Individuals, teams, organizations can create a compelling and impact-driven campaign via a process seamless enough to meet the fast lifestyle of donors and exigency of the cause that can now potentially happen in less than 2 minutes.

Highly Secure with AI for Better Fraud Protection: is accessible via enterprise-grade SSL. It does not store any payment information; donor payment details are tokenized and stored with the payment processors. It scrutinizes transactions from high-risk countries very carefully. Its machine learning algorithm detects suspicious behavior based on website usage and transactional data.

Currency to Scale Globally: supports 135+ currencies and automatically handles the conversion and deposit funds in the campaign organizer’s home currency. Donors save on foreign exchange fees, plus have peace of mind when the amount they intended to give shows up on their monthly statements.

Highly Compliant and Location Agnostic: is fully functional in 44 countries (including India, United States, and Singapore) with its self-service, guided campaign on-boarding technology. Very soon, will be available with the newest version in 180+ countries. The platform is very selective in approving campaigns from Indian fundraisers and ensures that campaign organizers adhere to the local and international laws.

No Holdups, Direct Disbursements: is an agnostic platform that has adopted a different disbursement model to fit the urgency and requirements of beneficiaries and campaigners. It includes our exclusive ‘direct disbursement’ feature for vetted campaigns.

Intuitive Dashboard: The new user experience involves a single dashboard where the fundraiser can handle multiple campaigns, keep track of its donations and updates, and get real-time analytics to check and compare its progress.

Better Brand for Team Fundraising: is built to boost and polish the brand perception of charities, philanthropies, corporations, and individuals by deepening the impact by 100X.


Happiness Promise: Keeping the core value and true purpose of crowdfunding alive, will never advertise or promote agony, misery, or unhappiness as a tool of fundraising. We want donors to participate in helping our beneficiaries smile again by solving their biggest problem.

Virality & Network Effects: To strengthen the ‘giving economy, has become the only crowdfunding platform that triggers ‘network effect’ organically and enriches the experience of fundraisers and donors by building more value for every campaign and cause generating repeatable and predictable sources of donation agnostically.

United Nations NSDG Alignment & Search: aligns every cause and campaign with UN-recognized Sustainable Development Goals to chip in building a sustainable economy through the ‘Power Of Giving.’

One World, One Platform, One Fee – 0%: does not show biases for any country. Fundraisers from any country will pay a 0% platform fee and a uniform payment processing rate irrespective of the country of origin and payment gateways.

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