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Experts Discuss Emerging Opportunities, Trends and Potential of Advertising Services Exports from India


India: SEPC organized yet another informative webinar on the topic “Experts to discuss Emerging Opportunities, Trends, and Potential of Advertising Services Exports from India” on 7th July 2021 at 3 pm. The industry’s luminaries graced the panel for the webinar to discuss creating awareness among advertising and marketing sectors. Aspects discussed included benefits that accrue with foreign partnerships, the opportunities, and potential of advertising services exports in our country.

Commencing the webinar Mr Maneck Davar, Chairman of SEPC, said, “This meet aims to empower the advertising and marketing sectors with the best support possible. I have interacted with many agencies of these sectors and realized that many of them who provide services to international brands are unaware of the lucrative benefits they get as exporters. SEPC, a set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the only Export Promotion Council mandated to promote exports of services sector including 12 Champion services sector. ” The Chairman also highlighted that SEPC followed up with the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance for the SEIS for 2019-20. It has been approved and should be announced shortly as soon as certain formalities are completed. Mr Davar further added that under Market Access Initiative (MAI) exporters can avail numerous incentives to enable their participation in export promotion activities.

In the course of the discussion, it was highlighted by Chairman that SEPC will soon be launching a portal “India Serves” having details over 70000 Indian companies from the various services sector for reference by overseas business prospects. SEPC looked forward to forging a long-term relationship with AAAI and ASCI to synergize the efforts towards export promotion of the advertising services.

Adding to the discussion, Mr Anand Bhadkamkar, CEO of Dentsu India, quoted, “Advertising is a business of ideas. When we speak of exports, we have cost, technology and talent as strengths. SEPC should create awareness among medium and small agencies on the opportunities and benefits available to them. Advertisement is largely towards digital growing more than 25 to 30%, so that’s where opportunities lie.”

Mr Indraneel Ganguli, Director-Brand Equity, IETO brought out a perspective on the ABCD model which emphasized on added value that agencies can bring in, brand and behavioral understanding, culture, diffusion and diversity.

Mr Edward Anthony, MD & Chief Creative Officer, Stirred Creative Advertising Private Limited talked about the key export services in advertising that have been recognized to be the end-to-end large advertisement contracts and small defined services along with the increasing role of creativity and technology going forward.

The meeting concluded with great insights to create awareness in the marketing and advertising sector to tap the the potential of advertising exports in India.

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