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Expectation of Auto Sector from Budget 2023

Hiranmay Mallick.Hiranmay Mallick, CEO & Co-Founder at Tummoc – A public transit app

“2022 was a year of tremendous progress in transit and mobility. There was a significant spike in digital adoption, and a number of new MaaS players entered the market, a large portion of which were EV players.

In 2023, transit in India is going to significantly level up, with seamless solutions transforming the way our daily commuters get around. I can say with confidence that in 2023, a number of Indian metropolitans will get access to a seamless solution to inaccessibility to information, first and last-mile connectivity and the need for digital ticketing. Without getting into too much detail, a revolutionary solution is being built at the moment and will transform mobility in India very soon.

To facilitate this progress, there are certain expectations and hopes from the coming year’s budget such as incentivizing initiatives that promote last-mile connectivity, recognition programs for sustainable/public transport startups to encourage better relationships, carbon trading programs/funds to promote shared and sustainable mobility, incentives for retrofitting conventional vehicles to electric vehicles, etc.”

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