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Escrowpay launches Invoice2Cash, a digital platform for dynamic invoice discounting

Gurugram, India – 27th July 2021: Trustmore Technologies Private Limited (Escrowpay), a pioneer in the escrow payments and settlements space has announced the launch of its new digital platform Invoice2Cash (I2C).

Targeted at both Corporate Buyers and their Vendors/Supplier ecosystem, I2C is a comprehensive digital platform that allows parties to optimize their cash flows efficiently.

Corporates can optimise their payables management by offering to pay out their supplier invoices earlier than the due date at a given discounted rate, thus generating healthy savings on their cash payables. On the other hand, suppliers can also optimise their receivables by offering a cash discount on invoices settled before due date.

Embedded with DIY digital workflows, powerful dashboards, the solution is seamlessly interoperable with legacy systems/ERP’s. Commenting on the new launch Ashwin Chawwla, CEO & Founder of Escrowpay said “ We are pleased to announce the launch of I2C, which will not only help corporate buyers generate healthy savings on their payables through an early payment program for their vendors, but also help their supplier ecosystem, giving them the much needed access to cash earlier than due, in these challenging times. We are also integrating NBFC’s and lenders on the platform so that they can finance genuine borrowers in an efficient and agile manner against their invoice receivables. The launch of this frictionless offering is yet another milestone in our exciting journey as we continue to roll out innovative, user friendly and relevant digital payment solutions”

I2C helps Corporate buyers to maximize their savings and also generate healthy risk-free returns. Further, this also enables them to invest in good relationships with their suppliers, a must in today’s dynamic world. Suppliers/Vendors on the other hand not only get access tomuch needed liquidity and working capital in these challenging times but also get access to high quality and easy financing options against their receivables.

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