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Electric Road Sweepers to Soon Ensure Cleanliness of Indian Cities without Polluting Air

Kavyiat India

New Delhi, July 26, 2021: Indian city dwellers could soon be breathing relatively fresh air, thanks to Electric Road Sweepers from Boschung, which are getting imported from Switzerland. Several urban local bodies in India are in an advanced stage of discussions with the supplier for their procurement and deployment. These Electric Road Sweepers promise to clean the roads and also keep the environment clean of poisonous CO2emissions emitted by Mechanical Road Sweepers, currently being used by some of the municipal bodies. Kavyiat India is importing these dream machines from Switzerland to India.

Mr. Animesh Sinha, Managing Director, Kavyiat India, said: “When I shifted from Switzerland to India in February 2020, as a habit I started going out on morning walk with my 15-year-old son. I was aghast to see these Mechanical Road Sweepers in operation which were cleaning the roads but most ironically were polluting the air. That is when I resolved to bring to India the Electric Road Sweepers which I had seen in operation in Switzerland. Several urban local bodies have seen merit in these sweepers and have evinced keen interest in purchasing and deploying them.”
Mechanical Road Sweepers currently being used in India are vacuum-based truck-mounted sweepers, self-propelled diesel, and CNG. These sweepers emit up to 1,505 tonnes of CO2 over ten years of operation. In comparison, Boschung Electric Road Sweepers emit ZERO CO2, making it the most environment friendly of all Road Sweepers. Boschung Electric Road Sweepers are successfully running in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, and in UAE. Several leading organisations like Veolia, London; City of Nottingham, England, and BSR City of Berlin have deployed these machines.

With a battery capacity of 54.4 KW/Hour, these Road Sweepers consume on an average 4.17 KW/Hour of operation, thereby each charge lasting 8 – 10 operating hours per day. These most advanced Lithium-Ion batteries can last 8,000 plus charging cycles. So, if these road sweepers are used six days every week, they can last 25+ years, and even when charged twice a day, these would last ~13 years. At 320 Kg, these batteries have the best weight/power ratio and can be diagnosed even remotely. Perfectly suited for Indian conditions, these batteries can operate in high temperatures of 55 – 60 degrees during harsh summer days working under the open Sun.

Mr. Animesh Sinhafurther added, “Prima facie, the mechanical road sweepers may look cheaper. But over a say 10 years life cycle, these mechanical road sweepers end up being 2.2 to 2.6 times costlier than the Boschung Electric Road Sweepers. It is important to note here that even in Electric Road Sweepers, there are models which may look cheaper at the time of purchase but many unfortunate incidents have happened during trials of such low-capacity batteries. Economically, heavy-duty Boschung Electric Road Sweepers make sense as the total economic cost of ownership of these machines through its life cycle would be minimal for urban local bodies, in comparison to both the mechanical road sweepers and low-capacity electric road sweepers.”

Boschung machines have many advanced features like suction mouth cameras, automatic elevation in case of obstacles, remote battery diagnosis, and hill holder feature to stop these road sweepers from rolling back on a road with gradient. Mechanical Road Sweepers have a limitation that they cannot clean the roads with lesser width. However, due to its agile maneuverability, Boschung Electric Road Sweepers can be used for cleaning the inner colony roads as well, keeping the city clean all across.

Boschung is 74+ years engineering company in Switzerland specializing in surface condition management technologies. Their cutting-edge engineering equipment clean the world’s largest airports, busiest highways, and most visited cities and municipalities across the globe.

Kayviat International Project Consultants are in the business of bringing the best of Switzerland technologies and processes to better the quality of life in India. Operational since 2005, Kayviat has helped numerous Swiss businesses, from electrical equipment to complex machinery, enhance operational efficiencies of several leading Indian businesses.

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