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Destruction of nature is causing a new threat for humanity


Creation is one of the beautiful mysteries of nature. It has kept in its lap the real importance of a living being and every other thing. Its love for millions of creatures is as priceless and incomparable as that of a mother, who can see all her children equally. But modifying nature to fit the society is causing severe effects.
Living beings must understand and accept the importance of nature in their lives. To imagine one’s life without it is tantamount to inviting the creature to die. Today, human beings have become so inhuman that they are ready to put their life as well as the lives of every other being at stake just for their selfish gains. Continuous cutting of trees for one’s benefit, dumping waste materials into rivers or burying them in the ground, etc., are causing many harmful effects. Now the question that arises is, whether the humans are benefitting from this or there is something more to consider?

Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7 says that the precious forests of Madhya Pradesh’s Bakswaha are now becoming worthless to human beings, the reason being that in their eyes the value of diamonds is much more than life. Does the sparkle of the diamonds hinder the destruction of nature? It is time, we stop playing with nature for our gain. The government needs to take strict actions against those harming nature. Punishments should be ensured to those involved in deforestation, polluting water bodies and improper flow of water bodies, poaching and illegal killing of animals. Oxygen and water are the most important elements of life, and both of them are currently under threat, the consequences of which will be devastating in the future. We have already seen the results of artificial oxygen in this epidemic. Within a few months, there was a significant reduction in its quantity.
Take some time to consider that when every living being on the earth will be forced to use artificial oxygen due to this damage, does the need for oxygen be supplied in such a short time? Nature helps us survive and blessed us with ample gifts while in return, we are continuing to destroy it without a second thought. But, there is still time to make things right. Along with the government, people should take steps to save trees. Apart from following the government guidelines to save forests, we must also take a pledge to plant at least one or two trees. At the same time, motivate others to plant trees and strongly oppose cutting them. On an individual level, we should contribute to keep the water bodies clean and prevent them from being contaminated by others.

Right now, we are standing at a certain stage where each step we take will determine our future. With the development of civilization, humans have forgotten their debts towards nature. It’s time to come together and save our mother nature for once and for all.

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