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Cloud kitchen Cheferd Foods extends free meal service to marginalized people around AIIMS, Safdarjung, and Okhla

Sehaj Singh Kukreja, Co-founder, Cheferd Foods

New Delhi, May 8, 2021: Even as lockdown continues to affect businesses across the country, the heroic efforts of some continue to reiterate ‘we are in this together’. One such example is New-Delhi-based cloud kitchen Cheferd Foods, which runs brands like POMP, Burger in My Box, and Deli Salad co., is extending free meal service to daily wagers and marginalized communities across South Delhi at present.

Cheferd Foods has been distributing meal packets for more than a week now across AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital, and slum regions around the Okhla region. The meal distribution takes place during the lunch hours between 2 PM and 4 PM every day, wherein a nutritious meal box is given to people across these regions. To keep its patrons delighted, Cheferd Foods also changes its menu daily.

The cloud kitchen aims to continue this service for at least one and a half months and will extend it depending on how the situation unravels. Cheferd Foods is also extending 3 masks per person to create awareness around the pandemic. At present, the overall distribution is to the tune of 700 to 800 boxes a day and is expected to be scaled up to 1,500 to 2,000 boxes in the coming few days.

Sehaj Singh Kukreja, Co-founder, Cheferd Foods said, “Our society is going through an unprecedented time as of now. However, the most affected people are the ones at the bulging bottom of the pyramid. They are the most vulnerable in this situation. Our food distribution service is to ensure that we do everything in our capacity to help them in this hour of need. We believe that if as many enterprises come out in their support, we will prove to the world what a truly cooperative society means. We sincerely request all business leaders to do anything in their capacity in and around their operational bases.”

Tushar Anand, Co-founder, Cheferd Foods said, “Cheferd Foods operates with strong ethical values. We believe that the COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on everyone in our society, especially the migrant workers and daily wagers. While the government is doing everything in its capacity, we also must do what we can to support less-privileged people. We can see the impact of our initiative. We believe that even if our efforts bring a smile to the face of a single person, it makes everything that we do a lot more meaningful.”

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