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Choosing Interior Designing as a Career Can Open Doors to a Variety of Options, Check Out here

Choosing Interior Designing as a Career Can Open Doors to a Variety of Options, Check Out hereBy Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO of WoodenStreet 

Being an interior designer needs a good combination of skills, creativity, and vision. It is a job where you constantly need to brush up your skills and stretch your capacity every time. But hey! It’s literally never tiring.

With so many skill-sets and creativity involved in being an interior designer, the job profile does not end here. It’s just the beginning.

People nowadays are becoming more aware of their standard of living and having a luxurious life. They work hard for the same. But with increasing population, inflation, & decreasing resources, it is quite a task to be able to achieve the goal. That’s where interior designers are being hired.

The best part of being an interior designer is that you are not limited. You can explore as much as you want without the worry of getting the rewards for your hard work. Let’s run through the 5 best career options an interior designer has:

  1. Creative Interior Designer: As simple as the name suggests, you will be just an interior designer who works on improving the aesthetics of a place, be it a café, a studio, or a home. You will get a space already constructed, and with your creativity and skills, you need to improve the aesthetics of that space. From fixing textures of the wall to illuminating it with good lights, everything is on your platter.
  1. Space Planner: This task is quite fun because you are able to actually work on the design of a space. You will have an idea of things one needs in that space, and all you have to do is fix that space in a way that everything looks luxurious. For an example, if there is a space constraint, you’ll have to make it look spacious. This task will bring you challenges, but where’s the fun without the challenges?
  1. Media Production Designer: In our real lives, we are more thrilled by the reel life. Don’t you agree?  Well, by being a production designer or a set designer, you actually get to live that reel life. Your work will be to create sets for theatres, movies, reality shows, and what not. You will directly be working with the directors and producers in order to create the perfect setting for each scene according to the script.
  1. Exhibition Designer: As an exhibition designer, you have the opportunity to set up a closed space, generally an auditorium or a stadium, for numerous art exhibitions. You get to work on different themes and different ideas based on what the exhibition is all about. If it is an educational exhibition, you’ll have to bring out the little Einstein in you. Or if it is an abstract art or fashion exhibition, you’ll just have to bring out the little artist in you.
  1. Retail Merchandise Designer: If you want to add some value to society through your work, then this can be your chance. Here you will have to plan campaigns for the merchandise and goods your client deals in. You’ll have to create the marketing strategy as well as the advertisement concepts for turning your client’s company into a brand. You can actually add value in people’s lives by creating something that will positively change their perspective.

If you want to explore your creativity and work on a Never-Tiring project, then interior designing is all that you need to start with. This job has high demand in the modern era and will always keep you in demand if you actually have that potential in you.

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