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Celebrate Jamai Sasthi the JustMyRoots Way

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Celebrate Jamai Sasthi the JustMyRoots WayATTENTION MOTHER IN LAWS!! That Special Day of the Year is round the corner. Yes,” Jamai Shoshthi” is, knocking on your doors, and this year, if you are again feeling low because your son-in-law cannot make it on that day, FRET NOT!!

Justmyroots is at your beck and call, a click is all that would take to convert your son in laws FAST to a Grand Jamai Shoshthi FEAST, let’s find out how!

The flavour of family bond is usually expressed through social customs. India is a vast country, hosting people of multiple cultures and communities, and consequently, celebrate varied customs which enriches the family bonding further. Such is a custom of Bengalis in which they celebrate a day, which is dedicated to celebrating their son-in-law and it is called “Jamai Shoshthi.” The son-in-law is called “Jamai” and Shoshthi means “sixth,’ and since the festival is observed on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon) in the Jyestha month of the traditional Bengali calendar (May-June), the name is indeed very apt.

The traditional festival of Jamai Shoshthi originated ages ago as a part of a women’s socio-religious duty. It displays the beautiful bond of the son-in-law with his in-laws and aims to draw him closer to the family, wherein, the mother-in-law performs Sasthi puja to seek her blessings for the good fortune and prosperity of her daughters and the sons-in-law’s post which, a grand feast is laid down.

JustMyRoots is all about reliving and supporting everything nostalgic and traditional. In today’s hectic lifestyle, this custom, like many, is rarely celebrated, because, due to work commitments, a vast portion of the working population has moved away from their hometowns to other different locations within the country. JustMyRoots plans to bridge this gap and to keep the flames of tradition burning. Their Unique DFH(Direct from Home) Service,  will now deliver the mother-in-law’s home-cooked feast to their sons-in-law, on this special day, thus ensuring, the continuance of this special tradition.

For Bengalis, settled away from Bengal, Justmyroots, could also deliver fresh Ilish Fish, Lobsters,  Rewaji Mutton, and other varieties of raw and fresh products, so that, mother in laws, can prepare the feast, with produce, directly sourced from Kolkata, and Justmyroots would deliver both, raw products to the mother in laws and finished cooked dishes, to their son in laws.

Besides, one can simply order mouth-watering delicacies, from many heirloom Restaurants, across Kolkata, through JustMyRoots, a pioneer in intercity perishable food delivery platform, and can get it delivered to over 30 plus cities all across India. No, meal is complete, without, quintessentially Bengali Misthis. Justmyroots, also delivers special Jamai Shoshti Shondesh, Roshogolla, Mishti Doi, Mango Rabri, and many such delicacies, all across, their cities of operation.

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