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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd Pioneering Drone Security Solutions For Civil Airports

Bel Trading

Warsaw, POLAND, 12 July 2023 – Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is a successful company specializing in providing drone security for civil airports.

It is widely known how vulnerable civil aircraft are during takeoff and landing when encountering small objects, particularly in the engine area. Aircraft are designed to withstand the impact of a small number of small birds entering the engines or colliding with the fuselage or windows. However, the unauthorized launch of large birds or, even worse, metallic electronic drones near airports can cause serious damage and lead to aircraft accidents or system failures, posing risks to flight safety. Cargo and agricultural drones of larger size pose a particular danger as they can potentially cause more significant damage in the event of a collision with an aircraft.

There are various methods available to counter unauthorized flights of private or recreational drones launched by irresponsible individuals in the vicinity of airports during takeoff and landing in adjacent areas.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd offers automated drone suppression systems as part of its arsenal to create safe corridors for aircraft in proximity to airports. Both standalone solutions and cutting-edge technology from global leaders in this field are provided. These systems have been successfully deployed and are in operation in various airports across Asia and Europe. Comprehensive solutions have been used, including interference jammers disrupting communication between the drone operator and the drone itself, as well as GPS positioning suppression systems for drones. Additionally, other diverse systems are available for intercepting or disabling drones, ensuring their removal from the hazardous areas of takeoff and landing.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is ready to offer its clients and partners a range of existing solutions, as well as complete design services for necessary solutions. The company also provides support for equipment procurement, installation, system calibration, and ongoing maintenance. All requirements will be implemented professionally and reflected in the desired system configuration, taking into account practical experience in deploying similar systems. The most reliable and efficient solutions will be recommended to achieve maximum equipment performance and reliability, enabling full automatic operation with minimal operator intervention.

All solutions offered by the company have been extensively tested and proven effective and practical in their specialized equipment segment. No modern large civil airport can do without the deployment and application of such protective counter-drone systems, as they serve as one of the preventive measures for ensuring the safety of aircraft takeoff and landing.

A spokesperson for Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd said, “We are pleased to consider all cooperation options, whether it’s supplying or procuring equipment to counter unauthorised drone flights in aviation-sensitive areas, or engaging in joint development or modification of such automatic systems. Customer preferences will be promptly considered and fulfilled during the design, installation, and configuration of the counter-drone system. You can rest assured that through our collaborative efforts, assigned tasks will be accomplished with maximum efficiency within the planned budgetary framework.”

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