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Akash Kohli: The realtor who redefined luxury segment in Gurugram

Akash Kohli

As a youth, filled with vigour and enthusiasm, Akash Kohli switched multiple corporate roles to find his inner calling right after completing his higher studies. The journey made him realise his love for entrepreneurship and his dream of building something, from scratch, something he could call his own.

This entrepreneurial mindset was fuelled by his family of military veterans, and after dabbling in various fields like FMCG, Travel, Finance, and Stock Market, he found his passion in Real Estate & Construction. Starting with small-time real estate trading in Delhi, he finally established his base in Gurugram as a full-fledged developer in 2010, launching “Elante Group”.

Going strong for ten years, Akash’s sound technical knowledge and determination to provide all aspects of construction, as well as home interiors to his customers, is core to his success story leading to him developing multiple housing projects over the years.

Elante Group while catering to a sophisticated client base along with the vision and promise to avail of “Luxury Crafted with Care” has recently attracted a whooping fund of 4 million dollars to give impetus to the ongoing projects in the posh localities of Gurugram.

“Along with few friends already operating in the affordable segment, I was exploring the in-and-out of reality business and my initial struggles helped me to achieve my aspirations as a realtor. As the landscape evolved, I realized that the luxury real estate segment was a highly untapped market in Independent Residencies in Gurugram. This is when I started working towards my dream of redefining luxury homes, here.” Says Akash.

For Akash, competing with high-rise luxury apartments was not a major concern as he always wanted to create and offer something new and fresh. The founding idea of Elanted Group was to disrupt the market by offering more customization and affordability to homebuyers. Providing value for money, top quality & innovation in the luxury segment in a low-rise building landscape, helped him build a customer base who already knew the perks of living in an apartment comprising not more than 4 to 6 flats.

He adds, “I was aware of my strengths and limitations and how to convert my limitations as a builder, in favour of the company. I understood the importance of delivering on time. I can affirm loudly and proudly that till this date, Elante has never skipped a delivery deadline, and hence people who have invested in us, have now become our spokespeople, helping us generate more business via word of mouth.”

Focusing on the design and layout of homes, the Elante Group realises the importance of natural light and fresh air, bringing positivity in houses. A good layout is as a very integral part of any development project.

He continues, “We are very particular about providing an atmosphere that creates a “Feel Good, Live Well” sense in our customers. In that regard, we have never used very dark shades in our designs as I have always felt that dark colours always make a home look smaller and dilute a sense of positivity. Quality of material and workmanship is our forte.”

“Currently, we are developing 7 independent sites in Gurgaon comprising an area of one lac sq ft., and this is just the beginning. As of now, Elante Group employs a workforce of 200 people to work at all 7 sites on a daily basis,” he added.

Talking about the future, Akash confidently affirms that “Elante Group is targeting a turnover of 100 crores by 2023 and is aiming to be the number one private developer of small-scale residencies in Gurgaon by 2025. My sole aim is to build the best possible homes for our esteemed clients, homes which we believe we ourselves would be proud to live in.”

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