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8th International Conference on Waste to Worth

5th December 2023; New Delhi: Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, in his video address at the 8th International Conference on Waste to Worth, stated that it is imperative that we shift from a linear economy to the circular economy and inculcate a sense of bhagidaari among industry, technology partners, waste management companies and international partners. He further emphasized the need for understanding and exchange of best practices in various dimensions of waste management.

Shri Ashwini Kumar Chaubey, Hon’ble Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution and Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India, in his video message, mentioned that circular economy is no more an option for any nation, but a necessity. He further appreciated the efforts of the CII National Task Force on Circular Economy as it envisions a future where national resources are recognized as integral to our national prosperity and emphasizes zero waste within the circular economy.

The National Circular Economy Framework (NCEF) was unveiled by Prof Ajay K Sood, along with the dignitaries. NCEF serves as a concise roadmap for India’s transition to a circular economy, emphasizing collaboration, awareness, and targeted actions for a sustainable and prosperous future.

While addressing at the Inaugural session of the summit, Prof Ajay K Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, stated that as India is completing its G20 Presidency, and has come out with flying colors, brought many important themes with lives and lifestyle for environment as one of the key themes. This will gain momentum is subsequent G20 nations and India’s contribution will always be remembered.

He further said that this is an opportune moment for India to embrace a circular economy approach and transforming challenges into opportunities for sustainable waste management. Recycling Plastic waste, electronic waste, and faecal sludge are potential opportunity areas. India should review its waste management challenges, not merely as problems but as opportunities, as it will open the door to transformative advancements in the sector. He further stressed reclaiming value from waste which can be achieved through innovative solutions and data-driven analytics.

Ms Roopa Mishra, Joint Secretary- SBM, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs stated that India has seen massive changes in the recent time in terms of waste management, material recovery, waste characterization, waste to energy, and aggregated waste processing technologies. She further mentioned that a Garbage-free India journey is possible through inducting principles of 3R. Each city will soon have clear segregation of recyclables and non-recyclables. She also envisaged the requirement of having electricity generation from waste and she identified Mountains of garbage as mountains of Resources that can be efficiently utilized for achieving circularity in the economy.

Prof Anil K Gupta, Chair, CII 3R Awards 2023, Indian Scholar- Innovation and Padma Shri stated we need to transition from 3R to 4R with repair/rejuvenation as the 4th R. Repair is the skill that India has engrained in its roots and should be leveraged to harness value out of things.  Every city needs to have a Waste Exchange system which will help ensure repair / rejuvenate in addition to reduce, reuse, and recycling. 

Mr Masood Mallick, Chair, CII Task Force on Waste to Worth 2023 and CEO, of Re Sustainability mentioned that waste is no longer just an environmental issue but has significant economic, resource security, and strategic impacts. One of the outcomes of the G20 deliberations is the realization that Circularity must be one of the core strategies for building a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient Bharat.

In his closing remarks, Mr Hrishit Shroff, Co-chair, of the CII Task Force on Waste to Worth 2023 and Executive Director, Excel Industries Ltd. outlined the need for consistency in waste to worth management. He referred to NCEF as being a thought leadership document that will help stakeholders in accelerating the journey to a circular economy.

The conference also witnessed the release of the compendium on “Moving Towards a Circular Economy through Innovative 3R Approach”.

The Conference also felicitated the winners of the 4th edition of the 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) Awards to recognize and reward best practices of the industry, start-ups, research institutes, and municipal corporations for excellence in waste management.

The winners are as follows:

Excellence in MSW by Private Sector
1 Indian Pollution Control Association Winner
2 Abellon Clean Energy Ltd Award of Merit
Excellence in Yielding zero/ minimum waste products
3 GRP Ltd Winner
Excellence in 3R by Industry Managing own waste
4 JSW Steel Limited Runner up
5 Anupam Rasayan India Limited Winner
6 JCB India Limited, Pune Winner
Excellence in Best Practices in managing Plastic & Packaging Waste
7 NEPRA Resource Management Private Limited Winner
8 Pashupati Group Winner
Excellence in Best Practices in managing E-waste
E-waste-Recyclers/ co-processor
9 Re Sustainability Limited Award of Merit
E-waste -PIBO’s
10 Blue Star Ltd Award of Merit
Excellence in Innovative by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste management
11 GG Wastech Private Limited Winner
12 Swaaha Resource Management Private Limited Winner
Excellence in Research Industry/Academics Institution
13 CCRT Laboratories Runner up
14 CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal Winner
15 CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad Award of Merit
Excellence in Managing Municipal Solid Waste by Municipal Corporations
16 Municipal Corporation, Raigarh 2nd Runner up
17 Municipal Corporation, Ambikapur 1st Runner up
18 Municipal Corporation, Patan Winner
 Appreciation Awards
  Excellence in 3R by Industry Managing own waste
1 Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd Appreciation
2 Bisleri International Pvt Ltd Appreciation
3 Orchid Pharma Limited Appreciation
  Excellence in Research Industry/Academics Institution
4 IIT Mumbai Appreciation
  Excellence in Innovative Solutions by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste management
5 Deccan Crest Engineering Private Limited Appreciation
6 Plasticycle Green Foundation Appreciation
Excellence in MSW by Private Sector
7 JBM Environment Management Private Limited  Appreciation
8 Nashik Waste Management Private Limited Appreciation
  Excellence in yielding Zero/ Minimum Waste Products
 9 Bilva Enterprises  Appreciation
10 Gencrest Bio Products Private Limited Appreciation
Excellence in Best Practices in managing Plastic & Packaging Waste-PIBOs
11 Bisleri International Pvt Ltd Appreciation
12 The Coca-Cola Company Appreciation
Excellence in Best Practices in managing E-waste-PIBOs
13 Blue Star Ltd  Appreciation

The conference also witnessed multiple sessions and engaging discussions by industry and Government stalwarts on various topics revolving around sustainability, waste management, and circular economy.

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