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7 Tips to Manage Your Diabetes This Wedding Season

In India, the wedding season is in full swing. Families are getting together to celebrate these joyous occasions, with festivities often kicking off a month in advance, leading up to the packed wedding week. This means dance practices, running around to prepare, and too many occasions to overindulge in sugar-rich sweets and snacks.

With relatives saying “muh meetha kijiye” (sweeten your mouth) at every opportunity, this can be a tricky time for some people trying to stay healthy – particularly for people living with diabetes. For them, finding healthy food choices to manage their diabetes can be a big challenge in the face of samosas, tikkis, gulab jamun, and ladoos. However, this doesn’t mean the wedding’s buffet – and preceding events – will not have any food you can consume.

To find the right balance between enjoying the festivities and keeping your diabetes in check, you can rely on some planning and smart decision-making to avoid any sudden blood sugar highs or lows. Below are some tips on how you can manage your diabetes during this time.

Here are 7 diabetes-friendly steps you can take to stay on top of your numbers and enjoy the wedding season:

  1. Have an action plan: In case you are travelling to another city for the wedding, speak to your doctor in advance on how best to manage your medication schedule, diet, and lifestyle during this time (including any adjustments to your medication, if needed). Keep an action plan ready in case of any emergency as well. Carry the medicines you need, along with your prescriptions (and set alarms to take them).
  2. Seek support: Keep friends and family that will be present at the wedding in the loop regarding any help you may need to properly follow your diabetes care routine.
  3. Be prepared on the day: Start the wedding day with exercise or yoga, which can lower your blood sugar levels, burn calories, and can help you control your appetite. Before heading to the event, eat a low-carbohydrate, high-fiber snack. Plan ahead by also carrying some nuts or healthy snack, just in case.
  4. Monitor your blood sugar levels: Says, Dr. Subramanian Kannan, Consultant endocrinologist at Narayana Hridayalaya Hospital, Bangalore, “Amidst the festivities, don’t forget to keep an eye on your sugar, which you can do easily on the go, since there are now CGM device options beyond traditional blood glucose meters that involved finger pricking.”

By keeping continuous glucose monitoring devices like FreeStyle Libre – a simple wearable – handy, you can monitor your levels in real-time, even at the venue. Continuous glucose monitoring devices also offer you insights on any highs or lows, so you can course correct instantly and manage your diabetes well.

      5.    Opt for diabetes-friendly foods: At the wedding, fill half your plate with salad or a non-starchy vegetable, and a quarter with grains and starches (roti is a healthy option!). Opt for baked,                       roasted, or stir-fried foods instead of anything fried. For dessert, stick to fruit-based or sugar-free options.

      6 .    Practice moderation: If you want to try some mithai or cake, make it a small helping. You can also consume alcohol in moderation if you want, and stay well hydrated by regularly drinking water.
  7.    Get moving: If you eat or drink a bit more than planned, some physical activity could do you some good – you can get on the dance floor and shake it off!

Your numbers might fluctuate slightly during this time even if you eat right – with the travelling, exertion, and irregular sleep schedules. But by sticking to your diabetes care plan, you can stay in control of your health while having fun! Don’t forget to celebrate.

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